Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Lamar and Pickens County Convention

Zion Church, Eight Miles North of Gordo, Alabama

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The 91st session of the Lamar and Pickens County Convention was held at Zion Church, north of Gordo, Alabama. Amber Davis called the singing to order leading 36b. The morning prayer was offered by Richard Mauldin.

The class organized by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairperson—Amber Davis; Vice Chairman—Clarence McCool; Secretary/Treasurer—Margaret Keeton; Arranging Committee-Wayne Baines.

Leaders: Amber Davis 212; Robert DuPree 40, 84; Debbie Hall 432; 426t; Wyndell Rhineheart 31t, 445; Anne Chalker 235, 146; Travis Keeton 341, 340; Ruth Wyers 318, 32t; Gary Smith 503, 66; Lena Keeton and Glenn Keeton 143 (in memory of Willis “Pete” Keeton); Gravis Ballinger 78, 34b.


The class was called back to order by Clarence McCool leading 203. Leaders: Margaret Keeton 177, 187; Chris Ballinger 178, 410t; Elizabeth Keeton and Glenn Keeton 30t, 50b; Marlin Beasley and Sam Spencer 274t, 290; Paula Springfield, Clarissa Springfield, Amber Davis, and Carson Davis 389, 546; Douglas Wyers 101t, 480; Sarah Smith 159, 73t; Larry Ballinger 145t (for Bud Oliver), 224; Clarissa Springfield and Carson Davis 343, 82t.


The afternoon session was called to order by Amber Davis leading 142. Leaders: Earl Ballinger 122, 283; Elene Stovall 492, 316; Elizabeth Keeton and Glenn Keeton 300, 86; Lisa Geist 474, 228; Richard Mauldin 378t (in memory of Dick Mauldin and Wilton Donaldson), 175 (in memory of Amanda Denson); Ken Tate 362, 278t; Clarence McCool 490, 535; Wayne Baines 569b, 317.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Richard Mauldin. Toney Smith led 337 and 475 in memory of the following deceased: LaRue Allen, Dick Mauldin, Elder Homer Benefield, Gladys McGraw, Felton Denney, Edith Tate, Jeanette Lowry, Furn Kitchens, Delores Beasley, Lear McGough, Elder W.G. McGough, Corene Laminack, Reby Stanford, Amanda Denson Brady, Mamie Harper Noles, Roxie Keeton, and Alex Mennella. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Marlin Beasley.

Leaders: Elene Stovall and Ruth Wyers 568; Sarah Smith 388 (for Uel Freeman).

Amber Davis and Clarence McCool led 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Earl Ballinger, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Amber Davis; Vice Chairman—Clarence McCool; Secretary—Margaret Keeton