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Memorial Singing for Mirjana Lausevic

University Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tuesday night, July 15, 2008

A memorial singing to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Minja Lausevic was held in our regular room, where Minja often came to sing.

The class sang a number of songs prior to the memorial service. Leaders: Steve Luttinen 52t; Cassie Lang 448b; Donna Gunderson-Rogers 176t; Kim Bahmer 28b; Stephen Parker 504; Martha Henderson 396; Kim Bahmer 29t; Eleanor Haase 32t; Christine Stevens 95; Karen Swenson 391; Cassie Lang 390.

Steve Luttinen gave announcements, and then led 499. Each person was invited to speak and lead a song. Stories were told of Minja’s love for others and the various ways in which she showed that love; of her love for Sacred Harp; of her efforts to encourage new Sacred Harp singers; and of how Minja lives on in her children and in memories of her.

Leaders: Kristie Harju 274t; Karen Swenson 377; Paul Wilson and his daughter, Sarah 131b; Jim Goetz 159; Colin MacDonald and Kim Bahmer 162; Paul Wyatt “Millbrook” (NH); Tivey 163b; Kim Bahmer 267 (for Rafko Mekic).


Kim Bahmer reconvened the class leading 171. Leaders: Lynn Dixon 277; Cassie Lang 284; Kim Bahmer 68b (for Kristin Zoellner); Martha Henderson “Lausevic”; Nathan Berry 86; Kit Canright 129; Steve Luttinen “Jumalaan Rauhaan” (meaning “God’s Peace”); Martha Henderson 245 (requested by Jen Blecha); Kim Bahmer and newcomers 45t.

Martha Henderson led 48t as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer.

Moderator—Steve Luttinen; Secretary—Martha Henderson