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Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing

Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles, Kentucky

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The 27th annual Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing convened at 9:05 a.m. with words of welcome from Keith MacAdam. He led 155. The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and The Southern Harmony (SoH) books were used through the day.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Charles H. Coulston; Organizing Committee—Raphael Finkel, Keith MacAdam, and Ron Pen; Secretary—Mary Brinkman.

Leaders: Jim Thobaben 81t; Charles Coulston 209; Bob Sears 147t; Joe Fothergill 410t; Rob Coulston 66; Mike Grimes 36b; Robert Hill and Sharon Hill 133; Darrell Swarens 542; Bob Meek 178; Sharon Hill 335; Maggie Foote 159; Elise Parsons 59; Joy Dunn and Nikos Pappas 551; Mary Brinkman 47b.


Keith MacAdam called the class back to order leading 31t. Leaders: Laura Earles 65; Roger Crabtree 285t; Jackson Pietrzak 117; Nikos Pappas 269; Charles Coulston 344; James Lambert 39t; Jim Thobaben and Keith MacAdam 128; Bob Sears 63; Eddie Mash 198; Sharon Hill 504; Joe Fothergill 313b; Robert Coulston 183; Mike Grimes 268; Robert Hill 107; Darrell Swarens 81b.


The class was reconvened by Bob Meek leading 123 (SoH). Leaders: Randy Webber “Monmouth”; Carol Medlicott 41 (SoH); Maggie Foote 135; Elise Parsons and Keith MacAdam 524; Joy Dunn and Laura Earles 503; Mary Brinkman and Nikos Pappas 535; Keith MacAdam 479.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Rob Coulston. The following songs were led in memory of the deceased listed: 314 (Dr. Hugh McElrath—Kentucky and Milton Oliver—Alabama); 163b (Amanda Denson Brady—Alabama); 334 (Jane Saldaris and Bertie Dee Walen—Kentucky; Bobby Givens—Ohio); 452 (Elizabeth Dunn—Florida); 122 (Dan Balcom—Tennessee; Ellen Turnbull, Liz Menifee, and Jacob Napier—Kentucky); 45t (recent earthquake, cyclone, and war victims; Alvin Penfield—Kentucky).


The afternoon session was called to order by Keith MacAdam. Leaders: Laura Earles 277; Nikos Pappas 245; James Lambert 89b (SoH); Jim Thobaben and Darrell Swarens 163t; Sharon Hill 196; Roger Crabtree 99; Jackson Pietrzak 385t; Rob Coulston 40; Eddie Mash 61 (SoH); Bob French 481; Joe Fothergill 143; Mike Grimes 106; Robert Hill 145t; Darrell Swarens 186; Bob Meek 324t (SoH); Randy Webber 294; Carol Medlicott 564; Elise Parsons 496; Joy Dunn and Nikos Pappas 532; Janet Garrison 483; Mary Brinkman 358; Keith MacAdam 497.

Announcements were made. The singing was concluded at 2:30 p.m. with a prayer offered by Jim Thobaben, after which everyone stood and sang 267.

Chairman—Charles H. Coulston; Secretary—Mary Brinkman