Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Duke Memorial Singing

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church - Heard County, Georgia

Saturday, March 4, 1995

The Duke Memorial Sacred Harp Singing met at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Heard County on Saturday, March 4, 1995. The class was called together by Everette Denney leading page 31b, and the morning prayer was led by Brother Marshall Avery. Marshall Avery led pages 59 and 40, and Mary Florence Smith led pages 27 and 61. The following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—Everette Denney; Vice Chairman—Rev. Marshall Avery; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith; Arranging Committee—Margie Smith. Chairman Everette Denney led 405 and 489. Leaders: Buddy Tindal 32t, 426t; Ruby Phillips 290, 345t; Billy Joe Harris 303b, 503b; Josephine Denney 72b, 452b; Aaron Little 448t, 480; Evelyn Harris 82t, 47t; Jimmy Denney 63, 68b; Lou Cotney 300, 358, 497.


The singing resumed with Marshall Avery leading songs on pages 85 and 35 for all the sick and shut-ins. Leaders were: B. M. Smith 384, 204; Thurman Nall 217; Felton Denney 147b, 147t; Lonnie Rogers 101t, 137; Charlene Wallace 155, 171; Hoyt Morris 491, 317b; Margie Smith 569b, 354 (t? b?).


The afternoon session opened with Everette Denney leading song on page 34b. Leaders: Buddy Tindal 66, 39b; Ruby Phillips 331; Lloyd Toney 45t; Josephine Denney 75; Billy J. Harris 445b; Thurman Nall 34t, 47b; Evelyn Harris 159; Aaron Little 499b; Jimmy Denney 108t; 168; Lou Cotney 189, 212; Kayla Spratlin and Carlene Griffin 117; B. M. Smith 203, 441; Felton Denney 31t; Lonnie Rogers 225t, 97; Hoyt Morris 39t, 274 (t? b?). Announcements were made, and page 46 was led by Everette Denney as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Rev. Lloyd Toney.

Chairman—Everette Denney; Vice Chairman—Marshall Avery; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith.