Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church

Near Ephesus, Georgia

June 16, 1996

The annual Sacred Harp singing was held on the third Sunday in June at the Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church. The class was called to order by Lonnie Rogers leading songs on pages 75 and 112. The morning prayer was led by Curtis Rogers. B. M. Smith led songs on pages 123 (t? b?) and 72 (t? b?). Lonnie Rogers spoke on the history of Hopewell Church and the singing, which has been held since approximately 1884, maybe even as early as 1878. The singing has been held on the same date for all these years. The class was organized, and the following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Felton Denney; Secretary—Karleen Williams; Arranging Committee—Charlene Wallace and Margie Smith; Memorial Committee—Mary Florence Smith, Sherry Louvorn, and Curtis Rogers. Leaders: Karleen Williams 100, 143; Margie Smith 101t, 503; Felton Denney 147b, 489b; Tokey Boggs 68b, 145b; Mary Florence Smith 448b, 63; John Forman 192, 318; Alice Edwards 104, 73b; Everette Denney 317, 127; Shelbie Sheppard 402, 202.


Lonnie Rogers called the class to order leading song on page 298. Leaders: Curtis Rogers 387, 147 (t? b?); I. V. McWhorter 426t, 74t; Susan Rice, Randa Rollins, and Barry Rollins (grandchildren of Lonnie and Vivian Rogers) 358, 343; Carlene Griffin 222; Louis Hughes, Jr. 32t, 137; Kim Cagle 176b, 155; Sharona Nelson 201, 146; Billy Joe Harris 303, 480; Karen Rollins 34b, 373; Jimmie Denney 335, 176t.


Lonnie Rogers brought the class back together by leading song on page 405. Leaders: Sheri Taylor 327, 148; Jeff Sheppard 156, 316; Evelyn Harris 47t, 82 (t? b?); Louis Hughes, Sr. 31t, 76b. The memorial was given by Mary Florence Smith. Curtis Rogers led songs for Johnny McCormick and Mrs. Mel Morgan. L. W. Denney led songs in memory of Woodrow Denney and his daughter, and Dorsey Webster. The memorial was closed with prayer. Leaders: The Rogers Children 340, 45t; Lucille Forman 384, 36b; Phillip Denney 87, 455; Liz Bryant 542, 77 (t? b?); David McGukin 430, 215; Wilford Denney 159, 143; Bonnie Flowers 394, 540; Richard DeLong 345b, 205; Debra Langley 120, 546; Bobby Bailey 27, 452b; Estelle Flowers 406, 434; Phillip Langley 300, 84. We are especially proud to have Kim and Hazel Cagle with us today. The outside church entrance ramp was built especially for Hazel, and will bear her name. Announcements were made, and Lonnie Rogers led song on page 341 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Rev. Loyd Toney.

Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Felton Denney; Secretary—Karleen Williams.