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Coastal Maine Singing

St. Paul’s Union Chapel, Waldoboro, Maine

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The 5th annual Coastal Maine Singing was held at St. Paul’s Union Chapel on Dutch Neck Rd. in Waldoboro, Maine, the Saturday before the first Sunday in August. Chris Holley welcomed the class and led 59. The invocation was offered by Corrone Bryant.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Chris Holley; Chaplain—Corrone Bryant; Treasurer—Dan Purdy; Secretary—Hal Booth.

Leaders: Hal Booth 452; Edie Berger 39t; Corrone Bryant 171; Joanne Fuller 61; Leonard Spencer 442; Joanna Lampert 36b; Justin Squizzero 56b; Bobbie Goodall 30t; Bob Parr 479; Terry Ryan 358; Celia Devine 362; Bill Holt 148; Dave Klocko and Terry Ryan 155; Rachel Speer 72b; Sumner Roberts 32b; Eric Metzler 33b; Pleasance Crawford 540; Steven Jens and Katie Alex 178; Francis Bliss 84; Bobbie Goodell and Nancy Yurkerwich 282; Chuck Crawford 378t; Dean Jens 368.


The class was brought to order by Hal Booth leading 66. Leader: Ann Johnson 285t.

Dan Purdy read the names of sick and shut-ins as follows: Claudia Smigelski, Tim Mancrey, Jane Nielsen, Florence Libbey, Bronwen Crothers, Marie Libby, and Franny Bliss.

Corrone Bryant conducted the memorial lesson. She led 339 in memory of the deceased and in honor of the sick and shut-ins. The names of the deceased were Lawrence Deyo, Minja Lausevic, Doug Johnson, Marcia Tucker, Kenneth Libbey, Agnes Bryant, Monte Ross, and Genevieve Mayer.

Leaders: Joanna Lampert 348b; Leonard Spencer 260; Joanne Fuller 65; Justin Squizzero 229; Celia Devine 280; Terry Ryan 361; Bob Parr 352; Edie Berger 270; Bill Holt 217; Dave Klocko 299; Rachel Speer 328. Eric Metzler offered grace before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called together by Edith Berger leading 290. Leaders: Chris Holley 503; Joanna Lampert 182; Justin Squizzero 367; Joanne Fuller 129; Leonard Spencer 547; Celia Devine 106; Terry Ryan and Susan Silvestri 228; Bob Parr 224; Bill Holt 45t; Rachel Speer 474; Sumner Roberts 338; Eric Metzler 107; Pleasance Crawford 151; Francis Bliss 63; Bobbie Goodall 269; Chuck Crawford 73b; Dean Jens 564; Ann Johnson 294; Hal Booth 254.


Corrone Bryant and Ruth Anne Bryant called the class together leading 147 (t? b?). Leaders: Chris Holley 480; Joanne Fuller and Joanna Lampert 111b; Edie Berger 384; Barb Ames and Joanna Lampert 76b; Joanna Lampert 142; Bill Holt 376; Justin Squizzero 448t; Leonard Spencer 250; Dean Jens 50t; Pleasance Crawford 150; Francis Bliss and Justin Squizzero 193; Rachel Speer 298; Eric Metzler 105; Celia Devine 147b; Terry Ryan 277; Bob Parr 276; Chuck Crawford 569t; Sumner Roberts 391; Bobbie Goodall 496; Chris Holley 268; Pleasance Crawford 99; Karen Keller 163b; Francis Bliss 300; Bill Holt 146; Terry Ryan 334.

Chris Holley gave closing remarks and called for announcements. People attended from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Canada, and Greece.

Dan Purdy thanked people for their generous donations and reported that expenses had been met.

Corrone Bryant offered the closing prayer. The officers led 62 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Holley; Secretary—Hal Booth