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Holt Collier/Mississippi Bear Hunt
Memorial Singing

Southern Heritage Center, Vicksburg, Mississippi

July 28-29, 2007

Saturday, July 28

The 1st annual Holt Collier/Mississippi Bear Hunt Memorial singing was called to order by John Merritt leading 59. Robert Vaughn led the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—John Merritt; Vice Chairman—Brenda Merritt; Secretary—Henry Schuman.

John Merritt explained that the class could sing, at their choice, from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition, or The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition, (CB), or the Alabama Christian Harmony, (CH).

Leaders: Brenda Merritt 559 (CB); Bill Beverly 478 (CB); Cheryl Foreman 171; Velton Chafin 316 (CH); Michele Cull “Munfordville”; Mark Davis 572 (CH); Sarah Smith 340; Greg Howard 547; Natalie Davis 572 (CB); James Eldridge 300; Ruth Wyers 264 (CH); Dennis Crawford 277; Rebecca Eldridge 168; Stanley Edwards 522 (CB); Juanita Beasley 61.


John Merritt brought the class back together leading 331. Leaders: Kate Davis 137 (CB); Robert Vaughn “Higher Ground”; Wilma Mitchell 569b; Bruce Hedrick 302 (CH); Mako Cook 282 (CH); Brandon Acton 53; Emily Creel 133 (CB); Hugh Bill McGuire 233 (CH); Nancy Van Den Akker 445; John Van Horn 77t; Martha Beverly 546; Tim Cook 254t (CH); Jenny Acton and Jacob Acton 112; Matt Steinbron 239 (CB); A.E. Probst 178; Katherine Eldridge 117.


Brenda Merritt brought the class back to order leading 76b. Leaders: Vic Whistman 84; Virginia Eldridge 503; Henry McGuire 365; Bea Carnathan 205; Mike Hinton 373; Charlotte Bishop 229 (CB); Sue Bunch 142 (CH); Wayne Dell 47b; Marilyn Bradley 225t; Darrell Swarens 505 (CB); Tammy Powell 189 (CB); Andrew Albers, Hanna Albers, and Rhoda Albers 145b (CB); Charles Franklin 74b (CB); Marion Patrick 358.


Henry Schuman brought the afternoon session to order leading 32t. Leaders: Lewis Oswalt 146; Chuck Howell 96 (CB); Stephanie Fida 448t; Danny Creel 308 (CH); Carolyn Thompson 393t (CB); Frank Strickland 488t (CB); Nancy Hogan 95 (CB); Gaylon Powell 336 (CH); Emily Thompson 128; Henry Guthery III 450 (CB); Mary Burrow 159; Mike McNeil 172 (CH); Bill Hogan 64 (CH); Deborah Feaster 143 (CH); Gary Smith 46t (CH); Sandie Scott, John Merritt, and Kate Davis 392 (CB).


John Merritt brought the class back together leading 574 (CB). Leaders: Ken Tate 149 (CH); Randy McCollum 63 (CB); Junie McNeil 483 (CH); Ken Sundberg 161 (CB); Darlene Reynolds 355 (CH); Marlin Beasley 338 (CH); Henry Guthery 19 (CH); Morgan Bunch 30t (CB); Arlon Gardner 490; Adrian Eldridge 124; Bobby Caldwell 219 (CH).

John Merritt, Brenda Merritt, and Hugh Bill McGuire led 81 (CH) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Adrian Eldridge, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, July 29

The Sunday session was called to order by Henry Schuman leading 30t. Danny Creel offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Brenda Merritt 542; Darrell Swarens 107 (CH); Nancy Van Den Akker 78 (CB); Morgan Bunch 140 (CB); Juanita Beasley 63. The class sung birthday wishes to Bill Beverly. Leaders: Martha Beverly 340; Velton Chafin 86 (CB); Sarah Smith and Gaylon Powell 444 (CB); Bruce Hedrick 117 (CB); Rebecca Eldridge 442; Brandon Acton 282; Emily Thompson 215; Henry Guthery III 434; Sue Bunch 225 (CB); Arlon Gardner 380t (CB).


John Merritt and Sandra Melschimer brought the class back together leading 484 (CB). Leaders: Virginia Eldridge 180; Gary Smith and Sarah Smith 85b (CH); Carolyn Thompson 196; Hugh Bill McGuire 203 (CH); Cheryl Foreman 475; Ken Tate 275b; Dana Merritt 486 (CB); Bill Hogan 464 (CB); Stephanie Fida 335; Bill Beverly 248 (CH).


Henry Schuman brought the class to order leading 388. Leaders: Emily Creel 322 (CH); Gaylon Powell 86; Michele Cull and Annaliza Cull 299; Wayne Dell 178; Marilyn Bradley 303; Adrian Eldridge 185b (CH); Alice Sundberg 573 (CB).

Andrew Albers and Mike Hinton conducted the memorial lesson. Andrew Albers spoke about those who have passed into glory, and led 546 in memory of the following deceased: Billie Joe Harris, Flarce Creel, John Hyde, Marie Guthrie, Heath Jett, and Julian Murphy—Alabama; Robert Bozarth—Indiana; Mirjana Lausevic—Minnesota; Mary Ellen Guthrie—Mississippi; Hibbard Thatcher and Harmon Wray—Tennessee; Mary Ballinger and Verna Powell—Texas.

Mike Hinton talked about those who are sick and shut-ins. He led 129 in their honor, and the names are as follows: Amanda Denson, Wilton Donaldson, Herby Bailey, Thurman Nall, Uel Freeman, Mattie Townsel, and Milton Oliver—Alabama; Beau Caldwell—Arkansas; Edith Tate—Florida; Raymond Hamrick—Georgia; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Pauline Childers—Michigan—Emily Boswell—Mississippi; Roger Crabtree—Ohio; Ophelia Matthews and Myra Palmer—Texas. The memorial lesson was concluded.

Leaders: Sandy Scott 408 (CB); Stanley Edwards 383; Bea Carnathan 496; Andrew Albers 133 (CH); Deborah Feaster 16 (CH); Ken Sundberg 501 (CB).


John Merritt called the afternoon session to order leading 258 (CH). Leaders: Marion Patrick 516 (CB); Martha Beverly 56 (t? b?); Mike Hinton 527; Charlotte Bishop 480; Danny Creel 404 (CB); Tammy Powell 216 (CB); James Eldridge 177; Mary Burrow 268t (CB); Frank Strickland 367 (CB); Katherine Eldridge 59; Chuck Howell 112; Ruth Wyers 130t (CH); Marlin Beasley 507; Jenny Acton and Jacob Acton 100; Henry Schuman 532; Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan 145t; John Van Horn 497 (CB); Henry Guthery 549.

Announcements were made. John Merritt, Brenda Merritt, and Henry Schuman led 377b (CB) as the closing song. The convention was dismissed with prayer.

Chairman—John Merritt; Vice Chairman—Brenda Merritt; Secretary—Henry Schuman