Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Maquoketa River Singing

Maquoketa, Iowa

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The annual Maquoketa River singing convened at the Salvation Army Citadel in Maquoketa, Iowa, on Saturday before the second Sunday in June. Annie Grieshop welcomed everyone, and led 32t. The opening prayer was offered by Ryan Wheeler.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Annie Grieshop; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser.

Leaders: Kathy Kaiser 171; Charlotte Baldwin 155; Louise Tenenbaum 86; Fred Schau and Kathy Kaiser 47b; Jan Ketelle 36b; Kathy Schau and Ginny Landgraf 45t; James Page 284; Ryan Wheeler 235; Johanna Fabke 148; Denise Kania 217; Lori Graber 186; Ginny Landgraf 121; Jim Pfau 371; Mark Graber 40; Anita Boswell 87; Becky Rice 178; Will Fitzgerald 430.


Annie Grieshop brought the class to order leading 137. Leaders: JoDell Albi 101b; Joy Miller and JoDell Albi 344; Karen Swenson 368; Elizabeth Senger 268; Paul Wyatt 58; Doris Anderson and Annie Grieshop 358; Steve Senger 497; Kathy Kaiser 106; Louise Tenenbaum 31t; Fred Schau 270; Ryan Wheeler 311; Lori Graber 327.

Ginny Landgraf led 472 for the sick and shut-ins: Joyce Anderson, Bob Anderson, Bob Scorgie, Deb Eifler, Julie Vea, Kelly Day, Jeanette Lowry, Bethalee Harpst, Andrea Nagy, Clare Cardy, Pauline Childers, Edith Tate, Chuck Fulton, Hazel Miller, and Michael Moore.

Will Fitzgerald conducted the memorial lesson and led 287 for the deceased: Greta Lehman—Minnesota; Aurelia Grieshop, Sue Bishop—Iowa; Lance Johnson—Illinois; David deChaden—California; Beverly Schau—Tennessee.

Denise Kania led 455. Ryan Wheeler closed the morning session with prayer.


Annie Grieshop brought the afternoon session to order leading 269. Leaders: Jan Ketelle 297; James Page 272; Kathy Schau and Ginny Landgraf 294; Jim Pfau 300; Paul Gilliland 496; Johanna Fabke 83t; Lori Graber 549; Will Fitzgerald 207; Joy Miller and JoDell Albi 82t; Ginny Landgraf 547; Paul Wyatt 551; Anita Boswell 515; Ryan Wheeler 421; Madeline Senger and Will Fitzgerald 365; Louise Tenenbaum 159; Karen Swenson 98; Fred Schau and James Page 143; Elizabeth Senger 474; Steve Senger 99; Becky Rice 122; Doris Anderson and Annie Grieshop 78.


Kathy Kaiser brought the class back to order leading 142. Leaders: Paul Wyatt 475; Paul Gilliland 503; Will Fitzgerald 95; Jan Ketelle 200; Kathy Schau 428; Johanna Fabke 150; Anita Boswell 84; Denise Kania 203; James Page 411; Ginny Landgraf 410t; Elizabeth Senger 448b; Jim Pfau 282; Fred Schau and Ryan Wheeler 457; Karen Swenson 328; Lori Graber 228; JoDell Albi 128; Ryan Wheeler 278b; Madeline Senger and Annie Grieshop 163t; Louise Tenenbaum 53; Doris Anderson and Annie Grieshop 79; Becky Rice 277; Steve Senger 146; Joy Miller and JoDell Albi 76b.

Announcements were made. Annie Grieshop led 347 as the closing song. Ryan Wheeler dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Annie Grieshop; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser