Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Liberty Hill Church, Barnesville, Georgia

Sunday, October 1, 2006

The eighty-seventh session of the South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by President Oscar McGuire leading 59. Wayne Watson offered the morning prayer. Oscar McGuire welcomed singers and friends and led 32t. Leaders: Wesley Haley 34b, 47b; Mary Brownlee 78, 350; David Grant 274b, 275t.

A nominating committee was appointed (Wayne Watson and John Hollingsworth) to name candidates for the coming year, 2007. Mary Brownlee was appointed as the Arranging Committee.

Leaders: Oscar McGuire 171; Lela Crowder 82t, 37b; Michael Spencer 108t, 68b; Jeanette DePoy 229, 99; Harry Eschew 128, 155; Helen Bryson 175, 436.


Oscar McGuire brought the class together leading 56t. Leaders: Sandra Wilkerson 473, 394; Jane Spencer 29t, 65; John Hollingsworth 418, 114; Lauren Harrison 236, 282; Sharon Hamrick 40, 276; Tim Haley 384, 542.

The business session was held with the following officers elected: President—Wesley Haley; Vice President—Oscar McGuire; Secretary/Treasurer—Mary Brownlee; Assistant Secretary/Treasurer—Rita Haley; Chaplain—Wayne Watson; Assistant Chaplain—David Grant.

The list of singings for 2007 was confirmed and motion was made and carried to make a donation to Liberty Hill Church, which will again host the South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention on the first Sunday in October, 2007. The business session concluded with the Treasurer’s report.


Wesley Haley brought the class together leading 73b. Leaders: Martha Alman 490, 361; Wayne Watson 49b, 480; Erin Mills 288, 196; Raymond Hamrick 448b, 402; Rita Haley 358, 217; Martha Harrell 283, 317; Rosemund Watson 503, 50b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Lauren Harrison and Helen Bryson in memory of the following deceased: Bobby Jackson, Olin Gresham, and Myra Smith—Georgia; Bill Green—Alabama. Lauren Harrison led 178 and Helen Bryson led 340.

Polly Hester and Runelle Crawford were remembered on the sick and shut-in list. The memorial lesson was concluded with prayer by Wayne Watson.

Leaders: Lela Crowder 440; Michael Spencer 312b; Jeannette DePoy 213t; Harry Eschew 146; Helen Bryson 147t; Sandra Wilkinson 45t; Jane Spencer 564; Erin Mills 354b, 35; Lela Crowder 300; Mary Brownlee 200.

Announcements were made. Rosemund Watson led 347 as the closing song, and Wayne Watson dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Wesley Haley; Vice President—Oscar McGuire; Secretary—Mary Brownlee.