Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Los Angeles Regional Singing

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The fourteenth annual Los Angeles Regional Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Pat Keating leading 52t. Steve Lazicki offered the opening prayer. Pat Keating led 31t.

A business meeting was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chair—Pat Keating; Vice Chair—Juanita Heyerman; Secretary—Norman Gholson; Arranging Committee—Rick Russell and Bruce Hayes; Chaplain—Steve Lazicki.

Leaders: Norman Gholson 86; David Olson 287; Mary Rose O’Leary 318; Steve Lazicki 312b; Polly Henninger 186; Juanita Heyerman 510; Ron Huss 157; Midge Harder 168; Betty Herman 542; Charles Knecht 455; Bruce Hayes 301; Ellen Collins 159; John Marr 319; Jerry Schreiber 169.


Betty Herman called the class back to order leading 47t. Leaders: Juanita Heyerman 270; Laura Boyd Russell 383; Carroll Lunsford 403; Rick Russell 99; Karen Huss 454; Carla Smith 250; Margie Neal 192; Pat Keating 332; Norman Gholson 147b; Mimi Wright 475; Ellen Collins 268; David Olson 329.

Mary Rose O’Leary conducted the memorial lesson, and led 421 for the following deceased: Dean Slaton—Indiana; Dr. Lawrence Stuppy, Paul D. Herrin, Ed Cormier, JoyceLynn Richards, and John Ozbirn—California; Howard Evans—United Kingdom.

Carroll Lunsford led 390 for the following sick and shut-ins: Larry Arnstein and Anitra Kaye—California; Kay Milling—New York; Lorisa Calloway—Florida; Richard DeLong—Georgia. The memorial was concluded. Xander Knecht led 64.


John Marr called the class back to order leading 72b. Leaders: Mary Rose O’Leary 333; Mike Laube 191; Natalie Hall 145b; Betty Marvin 473; Jeannette Ralston 324; John Marr 400; Carroll Lunsford 460; Midge Harder 399b; Jerry Schreiber 236; Carla Smith 76b; Margie Neal 434; Charles Knecht 474; Xander Knecht 242; Rick Russell 228; Laura Boyd Russell 385t; Pat Keating 150; Ron Huss 534; Karen Huss 535; Steve Lazicki 277.


Juanita Heyerman called the class back to order leading 346. Leaders: Norman Gholson 410t; Juanita Heyerman 287; Mimi Wright 39t; Jeannette Ralston 217; Betty Marvin 441; Bruce Hayes 497; Betty Herman 216; Mike Laube 271 (t? b?); Polly Henninger 391; Natalie Hall 200; David Olson 330b; Elizabeth Weiss 39b.

A business meeting was held to hear reports from various committees.

David Olson, Treasurer, gave the Finance Committee report.

Rodney Willard and Barbara Willard gave the Resolutions eport, thanking everyone who made the singing a success.

Secretary Norman Gholson reported that sixty-five songs had been led. The business meeting was closed.

Announcements were made. Pat Keating led 276 as the closing song. Steve Lazicki offered the closing prayer, and the singing was adjourned.

Chair—Pat Keating; Secretary—Norman Gholson.