Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Antioch Baptist Church

Ider, Alabama

April 14, 1996

The annual singing at Antioch Baptist Church in Ider, Alabama was held on the second Sunday in April. The chairmen of the singing were Phillip Wootten and Shane Wootten. Phillip Wootten and Shane Wootten brought the class together leading songs on pages 82 (t? b?), 42 and 30 (t? b?). The morning prayer was offered by Dewayne Wootten. Leaders: Marty Wootten 171; Bud Oliver 270; Lamar Smith 36b; Marlon Wootten 445; Rex Wilks 67; Dewayne Wootten 283; Judy Mincey 50 (t? b?); Myra Dalton 448 (t? b?); B. M. Smith 273; Kathleen Thro 383; Don Bowen 384; Jenny Wootten 551; Sandy Hill 203; Susan Davis 196; Liz Bryant 66; Joan Aldridge 198; Lisa Grayson 179; Ernestine Pipkin 110; Aaron Wootten 176 (t? b?); Steven Killingsworth 170; Mary Elizabeth Lee 64; Henry Johnson 68 (t? b?).


The singing resumed. Leaders: Shawn Carroll 28b; Jerry Enright 77t; Ted Johnson 48b; Pam Wilkerson 424; Kat Kinkade 528; Regina Bayer and Rachel Lee 274 (t? b?); Sharon Kermiet 129; Arleen Strickland 566; Bud Laney 100; Peter Pate 572; Jenny Willard 373; Jennifer Wootten 163 (t? b?); Erika Mitchell 354b; Shelbie Sheppard 29b; Kathy Lee and Hannah Lee 32t; Kelly Beard 414; Jason Wilks 569b; Mel Kersey 354t; Lomax Ballinger and Linton Ballinger 189; Elder Marshall Avery 53; Stuart Ivey 384; Brenda Carroll 442; Teresa Love 457; B. J. Harris 503; Katherine Manning 512; Julie Lee 109; Kacy Pate 312 (t? b?); Karen Travis 29t; Jerry Wootten, Jeremy Wootten, and Zachary Wootten 448t.


The class was reassembled by Phillip Wootten and Shane Wootten leading song on page 106. Leaders: Jeffrey Wootten 147 (t? b?); Jeff Sheppard 440; Jim Carnes 48 (t? b?) to words of 317; Charles Whitmer 376; Mark Brown “Beulah Land”. Terry Wootten led song on page 62 and “Love At Home” for the memorial lesson. Leaders: Wayne Wootten 137; Johnny Lee 322; Judy Hauff 345 (t? b?); Syble Adams “We Will Sing With The Angels There”; David Lee and Clarke Lee 565, 159; John Bayer 123b; Wayne Murphree 59; Mary Ann Haagen 217; Dustin Townson 58; Marcia Johnson 532; David Killingsworth 277; Eloise Avery 39b; Karen Willard, Keith Willard, and Barbara Willard 495; Melanie Hauff 216; Buell Cobb 285 (t? b?); Phil Summerlin and Rayford Brown 99; Eloise and Sheila Wootten 40; Levon Wootten “Not Made With Hands”; Phillip Wootten and Shane Wootten “Willie”. Announcements were made and the closing prayer was offered by Elder Bud Laney.

Chairmen—Phillip Wootten and Shane Wootten

Submitted by: Sheila Wootten.