Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hillabee Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist Church, Daviston, Alabama

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Hillabee Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist Church on the third Sunday in July. Eugene Forbes led 32t to bring the class to order. The morning prayer was offered by Ed Thacker. Mary Jean Payne led the Introductory Lesson: 45t, 410t, 99.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Eugene Forbes; Secretary—Jenny Acton; Arranging Committee—Jenny Acton and Nell Estes.

Leaders: Eugene Forbes 100; Audress Gurley 36b, 37t; Robert Chambless 72b, 75, 333 (LD); Stanley Edwards 312b, 59; Floy Wilder 313t, 186; Ed Thacker 205, 530; Jeff Sheppard 439, 142 (for Shelbie Sheppard).


Eugene Forbes brought the class back to order leading 438 and 566 in memory of his wife, Betty Forbes. Leaders: Jenny Acton 25 (JB), 340; Myrline Redmon 358, 569b; Judy Chambless 31b, 82t; Mary Jean Payne 496, 480; Charlotte Bishop 335, 145b; Eugene Forbes 155, 78 (for M.B. Forbes).


The afternoon session was brought to order with Eugene Forbes leading 112.

A business session was held with the class voting and approving the following:

  • The Introductory Lesson is to be led by Nell Estes in 2006.
  • The singing is to be held at Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist Church in 2006.

Leaders: Eugene Forbes 203; Wendy Futral 101t, 491; Carla Smith 354b, 143; William Futral 341, 490; Jack Nelson 30b, 148; Robert Chambless 225t; Stanley Edwards 76b; Ed Thacker 303; Nell Estes 40, 192; Virginia Futral 36b, 339; Judy Chambless 81t; Jeff Sheppard 187, 290 (by request, for Leonard Price); Charlotte Bishop “A Light At The River”.

Eugene Forbes led 46 as the closing song. Jack Nelson offered the dismissal prayer.

Chairman—Eugene Forbes; Secretary—Jenny Acton.