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Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing

Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles, Kentucky

Saturday, May 7, 2005

The twenty-fourth session of the Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing was held at Pisgah Presbyterian Church in Versailles, Kentucky. The class was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Charles Coulston, who welcomed everyone. After a discussion about the history of the Kentucky Singing, Charles Coulston led 73b.

Officers for the day were the following: Chairman—Charles Coulston; Organizing Committee—Rafi Finkel, Keith MacAdam, and Ron Pen; Secretary—Mary Brinkman.

Leaders: Rob Coulston 312b; Jim Thobaben 313b; Ron Pen 59; Rob Vanover 38 (SoH); Raphael Finkel 535; Melissa Bowman 112; Bob French 95; Norma Yost 479; Keith MacAdam 31t; Charles Coulston 344; Nikos Pappas 573; Bob Sears 147 (t? b?); Charles Coulston 503; Adam Beeken 178 (led by Kent Gilbert); Kent Gilbert 497; Jan Pearce 268 (led by Nikos Pappas); Charles Coulston 155; Nikos Pappas 320; Bob Sears 523; Jim Thobaben 81t (led by Keith MacAdam); Ron Pen 524.


The singing resumed with Raphael Finkel leading 66. Leaders: Adam Beeken 72b; Melissa Bowman 358; Bob French 133; Mary Brinkman 47b; Norma Yost 126 (led by Nikos Pappas); Keith MacAdam 455; Kent Gilbert 504; Jan Pearce 56b (led by Keith MacAdam); Scott Moore 68b; Bob Meek 49b; Rob Coulston 117.

Charles Coulston conducted the memorial lesson and led 159 for Rachel Sutherland and Milton Abrahams, and 209 for Rev. William K. Hubbell. Others included in the memorial lesson were the following: Bob French 180 for Joseph Brant; Kent Gilbert 47t for Bill Tallmadge; Bob Meek 324t for Pat Mudd; Adam Beeken 457 for Don Beeken; Ron Pen 146 for Art Stamper and Ralph Blizzard; Mary Brinkman and Kent Gilbert 147t for John Crowden; Bob Sears 373 for Norma Estes; Keith MacAdam 128 for Milton Abrahams. The memorial lesson was closed.


Keith MacAdam brought the afternoon session to order by leading 58. This session was held from a compilation of Kentucky shape note tunes spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Leaders: Keith MacAdam “Lansdowne” (music arr. by Rafi Finkel); Charles Coulston “Gallaher” (Columbian Harmony); Nikos Pappas “St. Mary’s” (Columbian Harmony); Rafi Finkel “Carpenter” (music composed by Nikos Pappas); Ron Pen “Louisville” (Lexington Cabinet); Keith MacAdam “Sophronia” (Sacred Music); Kent Gilbert “Lexington” (Sacred Music); Nikos Pappas “Peace” (music composed by Nikos Pappas).

Announcements were made. Starting in 2006, the Kentucky Singing will revert to the previous formula for scheduling the singing date on Saturday before the third Sunday in May. Next year the date will be May 20, 2006.

The singing resumed with Catherine Gibbs leading 484. Leaders: Joe Finucane 155; Keith MacAdam 117; Ron Pen 183; Thomas Schneider 34b; Rafi Finkel 269; Rob Coulston 63; Damon Gibbs 197; Steve Wolfgang 354b; Bob Meek “Rock of Ages” (SoH); Melissa Bowman 506; Charles Coulston and Bob French 236.

Keith MacAdam led 267 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Charles Coulston; Secretary—Mary Brinkman.