Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Decoration Day Singing

Shady Grove Baptist Church, Dutton, Alabama

Sunday, May 1, 2005

The annual Decoration Day Singing held at Shady Grove Baptist Church in Dutton, Alabama on the first Sunday in May was called to order by Rex Wilks leading 37b and 48t. The opening prayer was offered by Brother Dennis Hall.

Leaders: Rex Wilks 83t; Mark Carroll 39t; Mark Brown, Andrew Brown, Matthew Brown, Colby Brown, Adam Harris, and Tanner Frazier 145b, 128; Tiffany Travis, Rachel Ivey, and Rachel Shavers 106; Ashley Brown and Kyle Brown 47b; Rhonda Arnold and Myra Dalton 56b, 84; Jason Wilks and Maggie Wilks 68b; Alan Posey 448t; Drew Smith 277; Syble Adams 559 (CB); Donna Ruth Durden, Brenda Durden, and McKenzie Carroll 143; Tim Travis and J.T. Shavers 312b; senior women (Morene Brown, Genora Meadows, Ethel Gilbert, Naomi Carroll, and Olivia Allen) 59 (to the new tune); senior women and Drew Smith 146.


The class resumed singing with Rodney Ivey leading 129 and 480. A memorial service was conducted by Karen Travis and Rhonda Arnold. Karen Travis read several passages of scripture: I Thessalonians, Chapter 14, and Revelations, Chapter 21. The following songs were led: W.G. and Ronnie Meadows family 348b; the Gilbert family (Thomas, Ludie, and Billy) 61, 39t; the Carroll family (Theodore and Maxie) and representing Evelyn Brown “He’ll Hold My Hand”; Arlon Carroll family 36b; Delma Brown family and representing Betty Lynn Ellis “Sweet Beulah Land”; Chester and Delta Wootten family 572 (CB); Jesse and Beulah Wootten family 32t; Carthel and Larry Kessler family “Love At Home” (WB); Lee Johnson family represented by Syble Adams and Tommy Dobbs “Amazing Grace” (to the tune of “Brown”); Bill and Florence Childress family, represented by nieces and nephews “Trusting” (WB). Rhonda Arnold and Karen Travis closed the memorial service by listing the names of the sick and shut-ins, and leading 421 in their honor. The blessing was offered by Brother Maurice Johnson.


The class was brought back to order by Rex Wilks leading 201 and 101t. Leaders: Levon Wootten 426t; Levon Wootten and Jimmy Haynes 176t; Shane Wootten 300; Linda Sides 328; Ed Thacker 163b; Lloyd Ivey 337; Sam Sommers 121; Marian Biddle and Ivy Biddle 551; Verlon Stiefel 565; Betty Wright 97; David Ivey 98; Linda Thomas 171; Marty Wootten 45t (tune of “Brown”); Ann Mickylski 335; Michael Thompson 384; Jared Wootten 99; Susan Mathewson and Rodney Ivey 388; Loretta Smith and Amy Smith 448b; Mary Ruth Stiefel 170; J.C. Rutledge 571 (CB); Brenda Carroll, Donna Durden, and Carolyn Bullock 442; Marlon Wootten 452; Dennis George 64; Charles Meidinger and Stephen Meidinger 268; Syble Adams 575 (CB); Syble Adams, Myra Dalton, and Charlotte Head 312b (by request); Syble Adams 559 (CB); Mark Brown 569b.

After announcements were made, the class was dismissed with prayer by Verlon Stiefel.

Chairman—Rex Wilks; Secretary—Syble Adams.