Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers Memorial

Ephesus, Georgia

March 3, 1996

The annual Sacred Harp Memorial Singing for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers convened at Ephesus School on the first Sunday in March. Lonnie Rogers called the class together leading song on page 75. The morning prayer was given by Billy Joe Harris. Lonnie Rogers led song on page 33b; Elder Marshall Avery led songs on pages 40 and 74b. The class was organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Felton Denney; Secretary—Vivian Rogers. Lonnie Rogers led song on page 101t. Denney Rogers, mayor of Ephesus, gave a welcome address and led song on page 100. Leaders: Felton Denney 87; Jeff Sheppard 129, 475; I. V. McWhorter 82 (t? b?), 97; Keith Willard 111t, 102; Lucille Gunnells 123t, 189; Kim Cagle 371, 373; Eloise Avery 34b; 35; Ruby Phillips 331; Milton Oliver 321b, 222; Daphene Causey 318, 439; Laura Webb 288, 178.


The class was called together by Felton Denney and Seth Denney leading song on page 73t. Leaders: Myron House 173, 135; Sheri Taylor 325, 324; Bill Green 481; Floy Wilder 327; S. T. Reed 289, 134; Shelbie Sheppard 88t, 137; Linda Thomas 171; Lamar Smith 36b, 76b; Lee Rogers 274b, 513; Bud Oliver 47t, 39b; George Rogers and G. W. Rogers 339; Jan House 496, 498. Rebecca Carlile, principal of Ephesus School, gave a short talk, and welcomed everyone to the school. Leaders: Revy Williamson 503; Alice Edwards 73b; Don Bowen 549b, 347. Rev. Fred Cook gave the blessing on the food.


The singing resumed after lunch with Lonnie Rogers and Rev. Fred Cook leading song on page 45t. Leaders: Billy Joe Harris 452, 445b; Leola Smith 48t, 418. The memorial lesson was given by Ruth Brown with remarks about the long list of singers that we have lost in the last year. Felton Denney led 147t in memory of: Lee McCormick, Chad McCormick, Lloyd Kimbrell, Woodrow Denney, Mrs. Lois Adair, and Malcolm Rogers. The Lonnie Rogers children: Denney Rogers, Karen Rollins, Karleen Williams, and Paige Harrod led songs on pages 340 and 143. The memorial was closed with prayer by Mary Florence Smith. Leaders: Charlene Wallace 183, 441; Oscar McGuire 155, 276; Evelyn Harris 159, 270; Judy Mincey 474, 497; Tokey Boggs 445b, 449; Everette Denney 335, 119; Lou Cotney 300, 212; B. M. Smith 28b (for his mother), 384; Carlene Griffin 225t; Louise Holland 144, 273; Keith Willard 160 (t? b?). A collection of $81.18 was taken. Announcements were made. Lonnie Rogers and Felton Denney led song on page 348b as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Lamar Smith.

Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Felton Denney; Secretary—Vivian Rogers.