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South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church, Cordele, Georgia

Sunday, November 7, 2004

The eighty-fifth session of the South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Chairman David Grant leading 32t. Tim Meeks offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: David Grant 85; Martha Harrell 74b, 77t; Tim Meeks 235, 452; Mary Brownlee 47b, 84; Jon Robinson 196, 157; Rita Haley 63, 59; Wesley Haley 45t, 47t; Otis Hester 384, 542, 460, 480.

Raymond Hamrick and Wesley Haley were appointed as the Nominating Committee. Mary Brownlee and Jon Robinson were appointed as the Memorial Committee.


Oscar McGuire brought the class to order leading 145t and 473.

A business session was held, and the following officers were duly elected to serve for the coming year. President—Oscar McGuire: Vice President—Tim Meeks; Secretary/Treasurer—Mary Brownlee; Assistant Secretary/Treasurer—Rita Haley; Chaplain—Jon Robinson. Mary Brownlee gave the Treasurer’s Report, and it was accepted as presented. Further business was to be discussed after lunch.

Leaders: Steve Meeks 569b, 274 (t? b?); Bob Meeks 73b, 323b; Myrtice Meeks 129, 490.


David Grant called the afternoon session together leading 503. Leaders: Raymond Hamrick 354t, 510; John Hollingsworth 68b, 339; Brittany Rewis 354b, 46; Jon Robinson 72b, 340; Bonnie Rewis 31t, 36b; Marjorie Robinson 373; 491; Kay Robinson 282; Sharon Hamrick 306, 276.

A memorial lesson followed with Jon Robinson leading 34b in memory of Alline Robinson and Charles Crawford, who passed away in 2004.

Mary Brownlee led 350 for the sick and shut-ins which included: Richard Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Martha Johnson, Myra Smith, and Runelle Crawford.

Leaders: Polly Hester and Otis Hester 143, 81t, 498; LuAnne Turner 515, 147t; Wesley Haley 75 (a special request).


Oscar McGuire brought the class together leading 278 (t? b?).

The business session was resumed. The singings for 2004 were review and a new location was given for the former Mercer University singing which is held in March. The singing will now be know as the Middle Georgia Sacred Harp Singing, to be held at Vineville Methodist Church, Macon, Georgia on Saturday before the third Sunday in March. The Pilgrim’s Rest Primitive Baptist Church singing which was held on the third Sunday in March will be omitted. All other singings were renewed for the coming year.

Sacred Harp singers were invited to sing at Knoxville Courthouse on November 13, 2004 in commemoration of Old Knoxville Days. This singing may become an annual singing.

David Grant made a motion that the South Georgia Sacred Harp Convention be moved to the first Sunday in October, to be held at Sandy Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Flovilla, Georgia, in order to have a more central location for the Convention. The singing at Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church will be continued on the first Sunday in November as an annual singing only. After discussion, this motion was seconded and passed. The business session was duly adjourned.

After announcements were made, Oscar McGuire led 62 as the closing song. Jon Robinson offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—David Grant; Vice Chairman—Oscar McGuire; Secretary—Mary Brownlee.