Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Central Ontario All-Day Singing

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Saturday, August 14, 2004

The first Central Ontario All-Day Singing was held at the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields (Anglican), Toronto. Pleasance Crawford called the class to order at 10:00 a.m., extended a welcome to the singers, and led 34b. Diane Holmlund offered the opening prayer.

The officers for the singing were: Chair—Pleasance Crawford; Co-Chair—Charles Crawford; Treasurer—Thomas Evers; Secretary—Anne Evers; Chaplain—Diane Holmlund.

Leaders: Pleasance Crawford 59; Gloria Thomson 155; Diane Holmlund 133; Charles Crawford 535; Jo Schultz 300; Gerry Hoffman 128; Anne Evers 178; Pleasance Crawford 66; Gloria Thomson 45t; Charles Crawford 63; Diane Holmlund 71; Jo Schultz 84; Gerry Hoffman 146; Anne Evers 29t; Pleasance Crawford 282; Gloria Thomson 159; Charles Crawford 147t.


The class resumed singing with Diane Holmlund leading 49b. Leaders: Jo Schultz 299; Gerry Hoffman 56b; Anne Evers 117; Pleasance Crawford 99; Gloria Thomson 276; Charles Crawford 72b; Diane Holmlund 277; Jo Schultz 361; Gerry Hoffman 362; Anne Evers 38t; Pleasance Crawford 448b.

Pleasance Crawford conducted the memorial lesson and led 122 for deceased: Agnes Jeannopoulos and John Jeannopoulos—New York; Linda Sweeting—Maryland; Olga Pavlovsky, Marg Keogh, Matt Dolmage, Barney Keenan, Bettle Liota, Joe Harrison, Pat Lowry, Irene Harrison, Dane Harrison, David Graham, and Dorothy Kuchta. The memorial was closed.

Diane Holmlund offered the blessing on the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Pleasance Crawford leading 479. Leaders: Gloria Thomson 454; Charles Crawford 143; Diane Holmlund 141; Jo Schultz 198; Gerry Hoffman 209; Anne Evers 82t; Pleasance Crawford 524; Christina Ronzio 567; Charles Crawford 107; Diane Holmlund 106; Jo Schultz 171; Gerry Hoffman 503; Anne Evers and Tom Evers 40; Gloria Thomson 497; Pleasance Crawford 569b.


The class resumed singing with Charles Crawford leading 378t. Leaders: Diane Holmlund 335; Christina Ronzio 49t; Jo Schultz 47b; Gerry Hoffman 236; Anne Evers 36b; Gloria Thomson 268; Pleasance Crawford 86; Christina Ronzio 39t; Charles Crawford 48t; Diane Holmlund 294; Jo Schultz 269; Gerry Hoffman 334; Anne Evers 36b; Gloria Thomson 156; Pleasance Crawford 313b; Christina Ronzio 312b; Charles Crawford 162.

Announcements were made. Twenty-seven singers had attended the singing during the day. Diane Holmlund led a closing prayer; and at 4:00 p.m. the class sang 62, and took the parting hand.

Chair—Pleasance Crawford; Co-Chair—Charles Crawford; Secretary—Anne Evers.