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Damariscotta Regional Singing

Great Salt Bay School, Damariscotta, Maine

Saturday, July 31, 2004

The second annual Damariscotta Regional Singing was held at the Great Salt Bay School in Damariscotta, Maine on Saturday before the first Sunday in August, and was called to order by Corrone Bryant leading 59.

Leaders: Laura Timmerman 371, 47t; Michael Colbert and Edith Berger 159, 49t; Alice Kast 40, 448t; Paul Gauthier 39t, 34b; Dan Hertzler 114, 67; Hal Booth 63, 49b; Sumner Roberts 158, 58; Bobbie Goodell 72b, 540; Edith Berger 30b, 448b; Corrone Bryant 32t, 171.


Edith Berger called the class to order leading 99. Leaders: Edith Berger 45t (for Chris Holley); Marion Black 68b, 53; Edith Berger 155, 147t (for John Van Sorosin); Julia Plumb 268, 497; Francis Bliss 311, 198; Edith Berger 162, 143 (for Ruth Ann Bryant).

Corrone Bryant and Ruth Ann Bryant conducted the memorial lesson. Corrone Bryant offered prayer. Ruth Ann Bryant spoke of the need to remember those people who have helped the music live on. Corrone Bryant led 347 for the deceased, as well as the sick and shut-ins.

The deceased remembered were: Raymond Grandidge—Rhode Island; Worth Brown—Pennsylvania; Nancy Taillon Schapper—Arizona; Ruth Clark—Maine; Howard Northrup—Vermont; Zilpha Booth and Jennifer Pomfret.

The sick and shut-ins included: Frank Connor and Dorothy Conno—New Hampshire; Bill Zimmerman—Massachusetts. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: David Bliss 66, 569 (t? b?); Laura Timmerman 475, 84; Bobbie Goodell 280, 549; Michael Colbert and Edith Berger 299, 455; Alice Kast 300. Hugh Awalt offered the blessing before for the noon meal.


Corrone Bryant called the class to order leading 184. Edith Berger gave a short explanation of the shapes and leading customs then led 182.

Leaders: Paul Gauthier 282, 270; Corrone Bryant 38t; Dan Hertzler 81t, 178; Hal Booth 87, 454; Sumner Roberts 332, 340; Joan Sheldon 523, 354b; Edith Berger 236, 319; Edith Berger 476, 542 (for Chris Holley); Marion Black 36b, 474; Edith Berger 220, 188 (for John Van Sorosin).


Sumner Roberts called the class to order leading 556. Leaders: Hal Booth 569 (t? b?) (request, for Ruth Ann Bryant); Paul Gauthier 235, 384; Laura Timmerman 65, 414; Michael Colbert and Edith Berger 288, 107; Dan Hertzler 228, 229; Sumner Roberts 136, 154; Edith Berger 163 (t? b?) (for Chris Holley); Marion Black 425; Corrone Bryant 452.

Secretary Edith Berger announced that there were 40 participants from 8 states with 15 leaders. Acknowledgements were made thanking the officers, all committees, and all singers who came to help support this singing.

The Damariscotta Regional Singing for 2005 will be held on Saturday before the first Sunday in August, August 6th.

Corrone Bryant led 62 as the closing song while the class took the parting hand, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Corrone Bryant; Secretary—Edith Berger.