Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Wootten Family New Year’s Eve Singing

Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama

Wednesday, December 31, 2003-Thursday, January 1, 2004

The annual New Year’s Eve Singing at Antioch Baptist Church was called to order by Co-Chairmen Marty Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten leading 82t and 31t. Brother Ronald Patterson offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Marty Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten 76b, 35; Aaron Little 387; David Townson 74b; Mark Brown 108t; Bobby Watkins 73t; Wayne Hartman 59; Hunter Townson and Hayden Wootten 146; Ed Thacker 321; Dewayne Wootten 274t; Loyd Ivey 204; Milton Oliver 314; Joan Aldridge 273; Phil Townson, Danette Townson, Raven Townson, and Dani Townson 186; Betty Wright 30b; Kristie Wootten and Debbie Kean 36b, 163t; Louis Hughes 34t, 496; Charles Stiefel, Rodney Ivey, and Shane Wootten 445, 343; Margaret Thacker 503; Bridgett Hill 276; Linda Sides 277, 454; J.C. Rutledge 490; Terry Wootten 38b; Allison Ivey 335; David Ivey 83 (t? b?); Lela Crowder 300; Donna Wootten 217; Reba Windom 384; Don Bowen and Marty Wootten 99; Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Jamey Wootten 282; Kennedy Wootten, Raven Townson, and Dani Townson 45t, “Oh How I Love Jesus”, 486t (WB); Kathy James 430.


The class resumed singing with Marty Wootten leading 480. Leaders: Robert Walker 569b; Allison Dodson 89; John Plunkett 130; Myra Dalton 112; Sandra Wilkinson 100; Regina Bayer 181; Mattie Townsel 155; Nate Green 206; Keith Willard 144; Claudine Townson, David Townson, and Phil Townson 572 (CB) (in memory of James Townson); Levon Wootten 515 (CB) (for Ronnie Meadows); Tony Ivey 104; Aaron Wootten 270; Jenny Willard 392; Morgan Freuler 145t; Michelle Cull 168; Hobert Ivey and Sylvia Ivey 491b (WB); Eloise Wootten 25 (JB); Linda Thomas and Brenda Carroll 448b; Britt Mann and Jenny Mann 68b, 352; Allan Pritchett 457 (in memory of Joshua Hicks); Syble Adams 505 (CB).


The class resumed singing with Marty Wootten leading 56t. Leaders: Sandy Ivey 30t; Sheila Wootten and Jacqueline Mitchell 29t; Sheila Wootten and Jenny Mann 457; Ronald Patterson and Rheta Patterson “Pass Me Not”; Linda Thomas and Rodney Ivey 47t; Hayden Wootten and Marty Wootten 573 (CB); Jeffrey Wootten 542; Marty Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten 546; Keith Willard and Jenny Willard 559 (CB); Coy Ivey and Shane Wootten 449 (CB); Marty Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten 501 (CB) (for Jewel Wootten).

Announcements were made. Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten led 492 (WB) as the closing song. Tony Ivey offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairmen—Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten; Secretary—Lorrie Wootten.