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University of Chicago/Hyde Park
Anniversary Singing

Quaker House, Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, November 1, 2003

The fifth annual Hyde Park/University of Chicago Anniversary Singing was called to order by Vice Chairman Jeremy York leading 82t. Chaplain Jim Swanson gave the invocation. Jim Helke led 73b and Jim Swanson led 275t.

The business meeting was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jeremy York; Vice Chairman—Jim Helke; Secretary—Suzanne Flandreau; Arranging—Rachel Adelstein; Memorial Committee—Marcia Johnson and Megan Jennings; Finance—Randy Neufeld; Resolutions—Cathryn Baker.

Leaders: Cathryn Baker 270; Ted Johnson 137; Hugh Thomas 477; James Page 232; Suzanne Flandreau 370; Henry Schuman 335; Anne Heider 155; Samuel Sommers 184; Ann Miczulski 300; Steve Warner 171; Martha Beverly 274t; Bruce Holmes 146; Rachel Adelstein 91; Megan Jennings 29t; Nick Pasqual 353; Marcia Johnson 196; Randy Neufeld 107; Ariel Weinberg 192; Ted Johnson 368; Anne Heider 198; Jim Helke 218; Martha Beverly 430; Jim Swanson 397; Samuel Sommers 380.


Jim Helke called the class together leading 35. Leaders: Cathryn Baker 468; Bill Beverly 120; Jeremy York 365; Ann Miczulski 317; James Page 26; Steve Warner 147t; Ted Mercer 299; Megan Jennings 542; Nick Pasqual 446; Suzanne Flandreau 203; Anne Heider 475; Henry Schuman 426b; Rachel Adelstein 268; Randy Neufeld 148; Hugh Thomas 64; Ariel Weinberg 42.

Marcia Johnson conducted the memorial lesson, and led 547 for the following deceased: Mary Hackney—Florida; Daniel Levey—Hawaii; Bruce Ketelle—Wisconsin; Cecilia Hauff—South Dakota; Stephanie Rubin and Art Heffley—Illinois; Robert Warner—California; Ruth Brown and Willie Carolyn Denson—Alabama; Robert Sanders and Anthony Jefferson, doormen at 5000 Cornell in Chicago where the Hyde Park singers regularly sing; the victims of the recent high rise fires in Chicago, and all victims of war throughout the world.

Megan Jennings led 216 for the following sick and shut-ins: Violet Stark and Jack Kressly—Illinois; Bob Scorgie and Bob Anderson—Wisconsin; Kenneth Russell—Pennsylvania; Jeremy Jennings—Michigan; and Mary Thomas—Canada. Jim Swanson closed the memorial with prayer. Bruce Holmes led 102.


Cathryn Baker called the class together for the afternoon session leading 81t. Leaders: Samuel Sommers 548; Ted Johnson “The Bible’s Rose” (his own composition); Martha Beverly 319; Jim Helke 154; Sue Kessell 362; Jim Swanson 396; Melanie Hauff 383; Bill Beverly 523; Judy Hauff 418; Marcia Johnson 345b; Ted Mercer “Agatite” (Midwest Supplement); Ann Miczulski 361; Nick Pasqual 350; Randy Neufeld 99; Suzanne Flandreau 40; James Page “Experience” (his own composition); Megan Jennings 189; Hugh Thomas 28b; Ariel Weinberg 191; Jeremy York 183; Rachel Adelstein 151; Bruce Holmes 47t; Henry Schuman 532. Hugh Thomas, Ariel Weinberg, and Megan Jennings led 472 as an alumni lesson.


Judy Holst called the class together with 379. Leaders: Jim Helke 33t; Sue Kessell 385b; Lisa Grayson “Converse” (Midwest Supplement); Samuel Sommers 112; Martha Beverly 467; Hugh Thomas 178; Henry Schuman 195; James Page “New Durham” (Midwest Supplement).

After announcements, Cathryn Baker gave a resolution of thanks to Quaker House for the venue, and to other participants for their work and assistance. Jeremy York and Jim Helke led the traditional closing song on page 347, while the class took the parting hand. Jim Swanson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Jeremy York; Vice Chairman—Jim Helke; Secretary—Suzanne Flandreau.