Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oak Hill Baptist Church

Oxford, Alabama

November 12, 1995

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Oak Hill Baptist Church was held on the second Sunday in November. The class was called together by Billy Joe Harris leading song on page 32t. The morning prayer was led by Harvey Austin. Billy Joe Harris led song on page 145b; Margie Smith 101t, 313t. The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Billy Joe Harris; Vice Chairman—Roy Nelson; Secretary—Hester Edwards; Arranging Committee—Margie Smith and Pearl Guier. Leaders: B. J. Harris 303b; Roy Nelson 108t, 87; Pearl Guier 40, 45t; Milton Oliver 321, 312b; Lucille Forman 569b for her son, Lee Forman, 177; Jeff Sheppard 172, 182 for Lois Stanson; Alice Edwards 104, 73b; Sandra McCurdy 335, 119; Ruby Phillips 34b, 345t; Freeman Wootten 426t.


The class resumed singing with Roy Nelson leading song on page 35. Leaders: Shelbie Sheppard 461, 186; Harrison Creel 498, 111b; Charlene Wallace 122, 267; Jap Walton 153, 81b; Jewel Wootten 225t, 277; John Forman 137, 192; Joyce Walton 217, 171; Harvey Austin 566 for Mr. Painter, 384; Mary Jane Johnson and Pearl Guier 49b in memory of Michael Howard; B. M. Smith 475, 39b; Billy Joe Harris 452, 448b.


The afternoon session was called together by Billy Joe Harris leading song on page 503b. Leaders: Marshall Avery 53, 108b; Edith Tate 336, 441; Dr. James Howell 68b; Ann Jett 546, 43; Evelyn Warren 47t, 159; Lou Cotney 218, 189, 358; Everett Denney 161, 274t; I. V. McWhorter 74t, 97; Harrison Creel 342, 378b; Carlene Griffin 85, 309; Freeman Wootten 348b; Cynthia Crosson 45t, 63; Ruth Brown and Dixie Roberts 36b, 37b; Shelton Williamson 300; Louise Nelson and Jeff Sheppard 146, 155; Virgil Phillips 48t, 379. After announcements, B. J. Harris and Roy Nelson led song on page 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Everette Denney.

Chairman—Billy Joe Harris; Vice Chairman—Roy Nelson; Secretary—Hester Edwards.