Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Wakefield Memorial
(Ganus, Wilford, Clifford, and Gene)

Mt. Vernon (King School House), Natural Bridge, Alabama

November 24, 2002

The thirty-second session of the Wakefield Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Travis Keeton leading song on page 48t. Chris Rice offered the opening prayer. Travis Keeton led song on page 179.

The class organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Travis Keeton; Vice Chairman—John Hyde; Arranging Committee—Faye Donaldson; Secretary—Josie Hyde.

Leaders: Travis Keeton 176b (for Bruce Randolph); Wilton Donaldson 285t, 565; Corene White 37b, 73t; A.A. Malone 68b (for Clarence McCool who is in the hospital), 112; L.E. Hannah 85, 187; Roma Rice 34t, 354b; Warren Steel 134, 224; Jayne Fulmer 99, 273; Willodean Barton 111t, 274t.


Travis Keeton called the class to order leading song on page 141. Leaders: Chris Rice 84, 312b; Stella Pratt 147t, 452; Chris Spangler 274b, 268; Earl Ballinger 171, 143; Lisa Geist 546, 331 (for Lavaughn Ballinger); Anne Steel 225t, 318; Gravis Ballinger 34b, 410t; the family of the S.L. and Catherine Wakefield (Cecil Wakefield, Wayne Wakefield, Wendel Wakefield, Larry Wakefield, Nadine Willis, Clara Stults, Faye Donaldson, Helen Langston, Betty Baccus, Julie Poston, and Debra Wakefield) 408, 426t, 333, 505 (CB).


Travis Keeton brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 235. Leaders: Betty Baccus 392, 396; Ken Tate 457, 430; John Hyde 124, 297; Margaret Keeton 39b (for Ivalene Donaldson who was unable to attend), 73b; Larry Ballinger 154, 164; Steve Miles 49t, 159; Genette Tidwell 196, 64; Debra Wakefield 432, 477, 532; Larry Wakefield 569 (t? b?), 339; Josie Hyde 234, 507; Sharon Spangler 406, 108b; Helen Langston 480, 39 (t? b?) (in memory of S.L. Wakefield and Fayrene Wakefield); Warren Steel 284 (in memory of Gene Wakefield), 61 (by request); Gravis Ballinger 78; Anne Steel 440, 448 (t? b?); Warren Steel 163 (t? b?) (by request); Debra Wakefield 523.

Travis Keeton led song on page 499 for Gladys Bonds who is in the nursing home and for the closing song. Steve Miles offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Travis Keeton; Vice Chairman—John Hyde; Secretary—Josie Hyde.