Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oberlin Sacred Harp Singing

Oberlin, Ohio

Saturday, September 7, 2002

The fifth annual Sacred Harp singing was held at Christ Episcopal Church in Oberlin, Ohio on Saturday before the second Sunday in September. Charles Wells called the class to order leading song on page 49t. Jane Wells offered the opening prayer.

(OH) indicates songs from Oberlin Harmony.

Leaders: Beth Todd 68b; Jane Wells 47t; Will Reilly 47b; Joe Todd 335; Jo Schultz 84; Chloe Maher 273; Chandler Yorkhall 128; Jeremy York 229 (in memory of Kenneth DeLong); Gerry Hoffman 63; Beth Todd 319, 501; Jane Wells 270, 10 (OH); Will Reilly 34b, 28t; Joe Todd 497, 496.


Charles Wells called the class back to order leading songs on pages 143 and 147t at the request of Becky Bynum. Leaders: Jim Herr 515, 383b; Jo Schultz 171, 107; Chloe Maher 63 (OH), 344; Chandler Yorkhall 179, 35; Jeremy York 234, 290; Gerry Hoffman 42, 79 (OH).


Chandler Yorkhall called the class back to order and led song on page 77t. Leaders: Beth Todd 29t, 218; Jane Wells 44 (OH), 75 (OH); Will Reilly 569t, 569b; Joe Todd 208, 39t; Jim Herr 479, 209. Jane Wells offered a prayer and the class broke for lunch.


Joe Todd called the class to order for the afternoon session leading songs on pages 122 and 373 (by request of Steve Duff). Leaders: Jo Schultz 224, 35 (OH); Barbara Bowers 480, 163b; Chandler Yorkhall 362b, 60 (OH); Jeremy York 473, 40 (OH); Gerry Hoffman 272, 99; Jim Herr 200, 41 (OH); Charles Wells 36 (OH), 81 (OH); Jason Jedlicka 48t, 63; Lois Hurt 178, 551; Joe Todd 122, 373; Beth Todd 481, 430; Will Reilly 566; Chandler Yorkhall 68 (OH) (by request of Will Reilly); Gerry Hoffman 28 (OH), 101 (t? b?); Jo Schultz 299, 198; Jeremy York 70b, 102.


Charles Wells called the class to order and led song on page 9 (OH). Leaders: Barbara Bowers 504, 348 (t? b?); Lois Hurt 81t, 40; Jason Jedlicka 159, 169.

Charles Wells thanked all of those who helped with the singing. Chaplain—Jane Wells; Greeter—Kara Yorkhall; Recording Secretaries—Julia Friend, Chloe Maher, Jeremy York, and Katie Zukoff; Set-up—Chandler Yorkhall, Kara Yorkhall, Jane Wells, Charles Wells, Joe Todd, and Beth Todd; Lunch arrangements—Chandler Yorkhall, Jane Wells and Maryel Vogel Smith.

Announcements of conventions and local singings in the region were made. Charles Wells led song on page 347 as the closing song. Jane Wells led the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman/Arranging Committee/Secretary—Charles Wells.