Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Higher Ground Singing

United Ministry Center, Terre Haute, Indiana

Saturday, March 23, 2002

The seventh annual session of the Higher Ground Singing was called to order with Chairman David Rust leading song on page 135.

The following slate of officers was elected or appointed: Co-Chairmen—Bill Shetter and Don Bardsley; Arranging Committee—David Rust; Secretary—Janet Fraembs; Treasurer—Marlen Rust; Registration—Dorothy Glanzer; Memorial Committee—Don Baker and Janet Fraembs.

Leaders: Bill Shetter 171, 311; Don Bardsley 378t, 373; Janet Fraembs 421, 480; Marlen Rust 66, 52t; Samuel Sommers 58, 217; Molly Evans 107, 454; Berkley Moore 48t, 48b; Dorothy Glanzer 228, 229; Don Baker 74b, 312 (t? b?).


Bill Shetter brought the class to order with song on page 473. Leaders: Joan Aldridge 36b (for her father, whose book she was using); Claire Outten 31t, 112; Bob Meek 441, 49b; David Rust 280, 123b; Samuel Sommers 518, 358; Berkley Moore 114, 71; Janet Fraembs 168, 556; Marlen Rust 34b, 29t; Molly Evans 547, 504. Don Bardsley offered prayer to close the morning session.


Don Bardsley brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 295.

Don Baker presented the memorial lesson speaking about Native American traditions of honoring the spirit, and led song on page 49t for Ruby Driskell from Kentucky and others on our hearts who have died during the past year.

Janet Fraembs talked about how we are a supporting community and need to remember those who are ill or unable to join us, and then led song on page 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: Peggy Brayfield, John Bailey, and June Porter—Illinois; Virginia Evans—Missouri. Don Baker closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Joan Aldridge 276; Bill Shetter 195, 477; Claire Outten 173, 384; Don Bardsley 426 (t? b?), 28t; Dorothy Glanzer 457, 551; Don Baker 277, 269, 267; David Rust 481, 200.


The class resumed singing with Bill Shetter leading song on page 438. Leaders: Bob Meek 38t (CB), 505 (CB); Samuel Sommers 571 (CB), 574 (CB); Berkley Moore 50 (CB), 569 (t? b?); Janet Fraembs 448 (t? b?), 284; Molly Evans 515, 107; Bill Shetter 559 (CB), 563 (CB); Claire Outten 334, 335.


Don Bardsley called the class together leading songs on pages 369 and 186. Leaders: Marlen Rust 203, 86; Dorothy Glanzer 95, 209; Don Baker 129, 133; David Rust 333, 38t; Bob Meek 393 (CB), 488.

Announcements of future singings were made. Marlen Rust announced that sufficient funds were collected to pay for the minutes and make a contribution to the United Ministry Center. Those who traveled a long distance were thanked for coming. Don Baker closed with a prayer, followed by Don Bardsley leading song on page 347 as the closing song.

Co-Chairmen—Don Bardsley and Bill Shetter; Secretary—Janet Fraembs.