Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Elmore-Center Singing

Elmore-Center United Methodist Church, near Gordo, Alabama

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

The one hundred fifty-seventh annual session of the Sacred Harp Singing at Elmore-Center United Methodist Church was called to order by Clarence McCool leading songs on pages 61 and 36b. Hugh Bill McGuire offered the morning prayer. Johnny Humber served as the Arranging Committee.

Leaders: Clarence McCool 101t; Johnny Humber 89, 146; James Cunningham 45t, 68b; Cecil Sanders 145t, 123t; Ivalene Donaldson 145b, 335; Annie Lou Price 299, 298; Alonzo Malone 300, 203; Lena Keeton 88t, 480.


Clarence McCool called the class back to order leading song on page 341. Leaders: Winell Sanders 111b; Dessie Goodman 332, 204; Raymond O’Mary 403; John Van Horn 410t, 224; Jack Pate 535, 452; Dorothy Elmore 490; Marlin Burkhatter 46; Earline Ellis 30t, 294; Irma Hitt 235, 100; Bill Stewart 147t, 73b; Clarence McCool 73t.


Toney Smith brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 225 (t? b?).

The class elected the following officers for the coming year: Chairman—Jack Pate; Vice Chairman—Clarence McCool; Secretary—Rena Humber.

Leaders: Tim Reynolds 278 (t? b?), 107; Hugh Bill McGuire 40, 272.

Johnny Humber conducted the memorial lesson and led song on page 49b. Jack Pate led song on page 348b in memory of the deceased: Elmer Conwill, Vernell Yarbrough, Elsie Ray, Deloris Canaday, Gene Wakefield, and Ruby Phillips. Jack Pate closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Margaret Keeton 138t, 276; John Merritt 358, 571 (CB); Cecile Cox 290; Wilton Donaldson 285t, 565; Travis Keeton 179, 482; Velton Chafin 97, 127; Earline Ellis 457, 317 (for Nellie Brown), 318; Toney Smith 475; Amanda Denson 38b.

Jack Pate closed out the session leading song on page 323b and dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Jack Pate; Vice Chairman—Clarence McCool; Secretary—Rena Humber.