Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Exeter All Day Singing

Exeter Friends Meetinghouse, Exeter Township,
Berks County, Pennsylvania

Saturday, June 9, 2001

The Exeter All Day Singing was called to order at 10:20 a.m. by Chairman Ted Stokes leading song on page 39t, followed by a warm welcome to all the singers. In the manner of Friends a brief period of silence was observed.

Leaders: Doron Henkin 31b; Ina Henkin 354 (t? b?); Guy Bankes 474; Claire Simon 47t; Gabriel Kastelle 34t; Susan Bingham 34b; Ted Stokes 89; Gerry Hoffman 270; Doron Henkin 271 (t? b?); Ina Henkin 358; Elizabeth Stokes 335; Guy Bankes 56b; Claire Simon 66; Gabriel Kastelle 70b; Susan Bingham 30t; Ted Stokes 254; Susan Munch 312b; Gerry Hoffman 53.


Doron Henkin called the class to order leading song on page 545. Leaders: Ina Henkin 24 (t? b?); Elizabeth Stokes 445b; Guy Bankes 535; Claire Simon 299; Gabriel Kastelle 528; Susan Bingham 542; Susan Munch 84; Ted Stokes 85; Doron Henkin 236; Ina Henkin 114; Elizabeth Stokes 102; Guy Bankes 267; Claire Simon 457; Gabriel Kastelle 330t; Susan Bingham 454; Susan Munch 87; Gerry Hoffman 86; Steve Sanford and Ted Stokes 146. A brief period of silence was observed as prayer for the noon meal.


Ted Stokes brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 59. Leaders: Suzanne Sanford and Doron Henkin 178; Doron Henkin 179; Ina Henkin 162; Elizabeth Stokes 268; Guy Bankes 269; Claire Simon 504; Gabriel Kastelle 95b; Susan Bingham 107; Susan Munch 48 (t? b?); Clare Maher 142; Gerry Hoffman 182; Doron Henkin 479; Ted Stokes 298; Ina Henkin 334; Elizabeth Stokes 163b; Guy Bankes 481; Claire Simon 106; Gabriel Kastelle “Encouragement” (A.G. Kastelle); Susan Bingham 198; Susan Munch 133; Clare Maher 33b; Gerry Hoffman 183; Ted Stokes “The Good Old Way” (arr. Ted Stokes); Doron Henkin 429.


Doron Henkin brought the class to order leading song on page 31t. Leaders: Ina Henkin “Millbrook” (Neely Bruce); Elizabeth Stokes 448t; Guy Bankes 350; Claire Simon 148; Gabriel Kastelle “Mount Zion” (A.G. Kastelle); Susan Bingham 168; Susan Munch 77t; Clare Maher 77b; Gabriel Kastelle 232 (by request); Doron Henkin 228; Gabriel Kastelle 229; Claire Simon 62.

In the manner of Friends, the class was dismissed after a few minutes of silent prayer.

Chairman—Ted Stokes; Secretary—Guy Bankes.