Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Eugene Singing

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Eugene, Oregon

Saturday, August 5, 2000

The third annual Eugene Singing was held in the sanctuary of this rural church after arranging pews to accommodate our sitting in a square. Co-Chairperson Karen Stingle called the morning session to order at 9:30 a.m. by leading song on page 455. Reed Shilback led the opening prayer.

Jim Brock gave a brief welcome and then asked for acceptance of the slate of officers: Co-Chairpersons—Karen Stingle and Fran Ross; Treasurer—Carolyn Gilkey; Secretary—Holly Cabell.

Committees and assignments were announced by Fran Ross: Arrangement/ Registration—Jane Grant, Jim Brock, Jean Murphy, Suzanne Denker, and Jean Marcotte; Memorial—Tom Payne; Chaplain—Reed Shilback; Facilities—Jean Marcotte, Will Marcotte, and Dave Tobin; Food/drink—Ginny Currens, Gerry Currens, and Holly Cabell; Hospitality—Jean Murphy and Dave Tobin.

Fran Ross gave the formal welcome noting that this was our third annual singing, an idea from Marcia Cutler, and announced that Jim Brock was hosting a social event with supper and singing from The Colored Sacred Harp and Cooper Book. Thanks were given to Fran Ross for the drop-in social on Friday evening.

Leaders: Jim Brock 34 (t? b?); Jack Lofton 82t; Jean Murphy 65; John Carson 290; Jane Grant 277; Anne Huckins 479; Betty Jones 108 (t? b?); Tom Payne 70b; Gerry Currens 385 (t? b?); Reed Schilback 61; Shark Hulsey 72b; David Tobin 47b; Will Marcotte 373; Janice Evans 178; Leigh Van Sickle 35; Audrey Karabinus 421; Fran Ross 551; Carolyn Gilkey 503; Polly Ogden 354b.


The class was called to order by Holly Cabell leading song on page 567. Tom Payne lead us in remembering those who had died in the past year: Bernadine Kittelson, Janet Campbell, Jake Harris, Stella Bunyard, Roger McGowne, Barbara McReery—Oregon; Lucille Lembke—Minnesota; Ken Recher—Indiana; Deanna Isaacson—Nebraska; J. Gordon Gilkey—Georgia; Irene Rybicki—Massachusetts; Darryl Sanders—Washington.

We also remembered the sick and shut-in: Aikin Connor—California; Mary Phares—Ohio; David Hough, Ivy Volberding, and David Ogden—Washington; John Payne, Rita Whaley, Donna Stahl, Frank Gillis, Dee Gillis, Mark Reid, and Dorothy Ross—Oregon.

Leaders: Phil Rempel 159; Jean Marcotte 569 (t? b?); Karen Stingle 254; Jim Brock 31t; Jill Accetta 33b; Jack Lofton 380; John Carson 38b; Tom Payne 341; Jean Murphy 172; Anne Huckins 350; Betty Jones 191; Sharla Hulsey 148; Jane Grant 497; Fran Ross 184. The Chaplain led a prayer and blessed the food about to be eaten.


Reed Schilback called the class back to order with leading song on page 324. Leaders: Dave Tobin 288; Marcia Herivel 268; Jane Grant 312 (t? b?); Gerry Currens 49b; Tom Payne 73t; Will Marcotte 208; Audry Karabinus 496; Leigh Van Sickle 122; Fran Ross 532; Carolyn Gilkey 504; Polly Ogden 441; Phil Rempel 236; Jean Marcotte 106; Jim Brock 344; Janice Evans 146; Holly Cabell 273; Jill Accetta 448b; John Carson 318; Betty Jones 135; Jean Murphy 315; Marcia Herivel 143; Jack Lofton 383; Anne Huckins 99; Sharla Hulsey 40; Reid Schilbach 347; Suzanne Denker 180; Audrey Karabinus 369.

The singing was closed with a prayer led by Reid Shilback after which Karen Stingle lead us in the Eugene Singing traditional closing song on page 155, followed by the final song on page 62.

Co-Chairpersons—Karen Stingle and Fran Ross; Treasurer—Carolyn Gilkey; Secretary—Holly Cabell.