Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Marion County Courthouse Singing

Hamilton, Alabama

July 23, 2000

The eighty-sixth session of the Marion County Courthouse Sacred Harp Singing was held on the fourth Sunday in July, and was called to order by Estes Jackson leading songs on pages 31b and 33b. Lavaughn Ballinger led the morning prayer.

The class organized for the day with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Estes Jackson; Vice Chairman—Elmer Conwill; Secretary—Josie Hyde; Arranging Committee—John Hyde.

Leaders: Estes Jackson 39b; Lavaughn Ballinger 32t, 30t, 35; Alonzo Malone 110, 127, 142; Ivalene Donaldson 77t, 81t, 335; Clarence McCool 208, 111b, 569b; Juanita Whitman 108t, 56t, 46; Loretta Whitman 43, 82t, 129; Wilton Donaldson 317, 146, 480.


Elmer Conwill called the class back to order with song on page 379. Leaders: Gravis Ballinger 99, 101t, 300; Travis Keeton 418, 426t, 290 (for A.C. McGough); John Merritt 438, “Delusion”, 294, “Trav’lers Rest”; Nellie Alexander 108b, 340, 490; Beatrice Phillips 100, 112.


The afternoon session was called to order by Estes Jackson leading song on page 499. Leaders: Paul Frederick 36b, 200, 336; Earl Ballinger 338, 224, 171; Beatrice Brewer 123t, 137, 373; Julie Poston 145b, 166, 343; Rashmi Becker 45t, 47b, 76b; Andrew Grace 63, 155, 68b; Brenda Merritt 144, 430; Amanda Denson and Morgan Whitman 39b, 345t, 345b; Chuck Beasley 111t, 235; Julietta Haynes 209, 216, 215; Josie Hyde 284, 102 (for Gene Wakefield who is in the hospital), 234; John Hyde 61, 73t, 297; Larry Ballinger 425, 119; Erselle Jackson 277.

Estes Jackson and Elder Bobby Payne led song on page 75 as the closing song, and Elder Bobby Payne dismissed the class with prayer.

We thank Estes Jackson for paying for the minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: This singing has been discontinued.

Due to our sponsors dropping out, and the ladies not being able to use the dining room to feed the singers in, we are forced to call the singing off.

We want to thank everyone who has helped in any way over the years to keep this singing going. A special thanks goes to Marie Aldridge and her late husband, D.M. Aldridge, for their support, and untiring efforts over the last years to keep this singing going. May God bless each of you....Estes Jackson.

Chairman—Estes Jackson; Vice Chairman—Elmer Conwill; Secretary—Josie Hyde.