Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing

Burritt Museum, Huntsville, Alabama

Saturday, May 13, 2000

The sixteenth annual Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday, May 13th in the Madison Church building on the grounds of Burritt Museum and Park. Burritt Museum is located atop Monte Sano Mountain, the second highest elevation in Alabama. David Ballinger, Chairman, called the class to order leading song on page 31t. Lavaughn Ballinger led the morning prayer.

The class organized by selecting the following additional officers: Vice Chairman—Allison Ivey; Secretary—Teresa Ballinger; Assistant Secretary—Amanda Ballinger; Arranging Committee—Linton Ballinger and Lomax Ballinger.

The singing continued with Allison Ivey leading song on page 182. Leaders: Teresa Ballinger 300; Lomax Ballinger 155; Mark Carroll 200; David Ivey 137 (in memory of Virgil Phillips and in honor of his enthusiastic support of the Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing); Jimmy Ballinger 123t; Amber Springfield 391; Doyce Bailey 143; Vella Dailey 147t; Sam Jones 127; Amanda Ballinger 454; Richard Ivey 567; Tina Leopold 452; Paul Frederick 159; Liz Bryant 384; Philip Ballinger 299; Frances Jones 294; Hershell King 204; Flarce Creel 475; John Hyde 63; Judy Caudle 397; Coy Ivey 405.


Linton Ballinger called the class together leading song on page 208. Leaders: Lavaughn Ballinger, David Ballinger, Amanda Ballinger, and Teresa Ballinger 358; Cassie Franklin 327; J.C. Rutledge 105; Mary Alice Wakefield 282; Ricky Harcrow 145t; Travis Keeton 441; Shelbie Sheppard 556; Randall Smith 36b; Flora Skinner 434; Clayton Ezell 269; Edwin Ballinger 148; Elene Stovall 222; Bud Oliver and Richard Ivey 270; Emily Wilhoite and Allison Ivey 45t; Don Bowen 283; Buckley Hopper 39t; Margie Smith and Nancy Allen 393; Glenn Keeton 196; Jewel Wootten 89; Donald Jones and Alan Jones 569b, 178; Stuart Ivey 192; Sarah Harcrow 37b; Bill Schrader 480; Lisa Geist 546; Gary Leopold 128; Donna Wootten and Shane Wootten 74b; Gene Seider 59; Mike Thompson 236.


The afternoon session was called together with Rodney Ivey leading song on page 186. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 112; Sandie Scott 40; Gordon Wilkinson 530; Josie Hyde 507; Louis Hughes, Sr. 135; Cindy Franklin 189; S.T. Reed 568; Gene Wakefield 284; Jeff Sheppard 335; Max Berueffy 532; Beth O’Dell 442; Tim Reynolds and Abigail Reynolds 81t; Eloise Watkins and Rodney Ivey 225t; Freeman Wootten 426t; Henry Johnson 231; Teenie Moody and Mary Florence Smith 394; J.L. Hopper 369; Susan Harcrow 430; B.M. Smith 448b; Nate Green and Norma Green 482; Gravis Ballinger 110; Judy Mincey 538; Jackie Tanner 76b; Betty Wright 347; Dennis George 455; Linda Thomas 217 (in memory of all deceased mothers on the eve of Mothers Day); Shane Wootten 383; Mark Brown and Mike Thompson “Sweet Beulah Land” (in memory of Virgil Phillips); Buell Cobb 138t; Charles Meidinger 352.

Following announcements, Chairman David Ballinger led song on page 146, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Ricky Harcrow.

Chairman—David Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Allison Ivey; Secretary—Teresa Ballinger; Assistant Secretary—Amanda Ballinger.