Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

wings 25 occurrences, 18 verses, 23 songs

Again for joy she claps her wings

329 Vain World Adieu

And on the eagle wings of love

285t Arnold

And on the wings of mighty winds

291 Majesty

Borne on wings of love.

497 Natick

Lend your wings! I mount! I fly!

245 Claremont

Mercy comes with balmy wings

108t Weeping Sinners

My soul should stretch her wings in haste

111b To Die No More

444 All Saints New

My soul would stretch her wings in haste

30b Prospect

275b Roll On

380 Lawrenceburg

Oh had I wings

106 Ecstasy

On wings of love I’ll fly

85 The Morning Trumpet

129 Heavenly Armor

On wings of love we’ll fly.

534 New Georgia

Rise my soul and stretch thy wings

84 Amsterdam

131b Invocation

Ris’n with healing in His wings.

81b Cookham

The soul for joy then claps her wings

329 Vain World Adieu

Then fold thy wings and stay.

418 Reese

453 Holly Springs

They come, they come on wings of light

438 The Marriage in the Skies

When gladness wings my favored hour

143 Pleyel’s Hymn

Who tipped your glitt’ring wings with gold

172 Harmony