Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

voice 41 occurrences, 35 verses, 38 songs

A little voice that’s small and still

207 Louisiana

A voice as of angels enchantingly sung

358 Murillo’s Lesson

’Mid sands and rocks your Shepherd’s voice

279 The Shepherd’s Flock

And a father’s loving voice you’ll hear

494 Big Creek

And every voice a song.

441 Raymond

And sweeter than music His voice

82b Edgefield

127 Green Fields

And tuned your voice to praise.

172 Harmony

Arise, my soul, awake, my voice

492 Invocation

Awake, my voice

492 Invocation

Crying with a loud voice:

250 Heavenly Vision

Crying with a loud voice, saying

572 The Lamb of God

Hark! Hark! my Lord and Master’s voice

122 All Is Well

How charming is their voice

195 Worcester

464 Sheppard

I heard a great voice from heav’n

320 Funeral Anthem

I heard the voice of Jesus say

75 I Would See Jesus

It tells me in a small still voice

471 The Savior’s Name

Let faith exalt her joyful voice

562 Infinite Delight

Lift up your heart, lift up your voice!

473 Carmarthen

Listen to the gospel voice

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

My heart and voice I raise

394 The Messiah’s Praise

My voice ascending high

77b Holcombe

171 Exhortation

173 Phoebus

Prepare a tuneful voice

386 Christ Our Song

The voice of my beloved

254 Rose of Sharon

The voice of my beloved sounds

188 Spring

352 Swanton

The voice of one crying in the wilderness

232 Baptismal Anthem

Thy pard’ning voice, oh, let me hear

96 Few Happy Matches

’Tis but the voice that Jesus sends

163b China

’Tis, I know, His voice so well

410t The Dying Californian

Today attend His voice

169 Dartmouth

Today, if you will hear His voice

160b Turn, Sinner, Turn

Until I heard my Savior’s voice.

204 Mission

We soon shall hear the angel’s voice

473 Carmarthen

Where their voice is not heard

518 Heavenly Anthem

While they hear that sweetest voice

510 Corley

With an inviting voice.

295 Odem