Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

victory 11 occurrences, 10 verses, 11 songs

And on to victory He leads

367 Consolation

And songs of joy and victory

91 Assurance

And there all palm-wreaths of victory wear.

149 The Trumpet

And where is thy vict’ry, boasting Grave?

68t Salem

He makes the glorious vict’ry mine

225t Reynolds

Ne’er think the vict’ry won

147b Laban

372 Rockport

Oh grave! where! is thy victory?

245 Claremont

Shall not prevent our victory

213t The Good Old Way

They fought the fight, the vict’ry won

541 Home of the Blest

Thy conflict and Thy vict’ry, too.

515 Federal Street