Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

speak 16 occurrences, 10 verses, 16 songs

I’ll speak the truth and bear the blame

487 Soldier’s Delight

May speak their joys abroad.

31b Webster

52t Albion

481 Novakoski

My Christian friends to whom I speak

330t Horton

426t Kelley

Oh, could I speak the matchless worth

396 Notes Almost Divine

Or blush to speak His name?

57 Christian Soldier

309 Living Lamb

325 Soldier of the Cross

513 Joyful

Scarce this sad farewell can speak.

359 The Bride’s Farewell

Speak and let the worst be known?

448b The Grieved Soul

Speak of the wonders of that love

538 Hampton

To all I speak or do.

131t Messiah

Where only Christ is heard to speak

328 Praise God