Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

some 15 occurrences, 12 verses, 12 songs

Send some message from Thy word

70t Gainsville

Some cast among lions, some bound with rough irons

116 Union

Some few, like good Elijah stand

89 The Church’s Desolation

Some fresh memorials of His grace.

566 Hebron

Some, indeed, did wait awhile

495 The Midnight Cry

Some mercy drops has thrown

178 Africa

Some sure support against despair.

73t Cusseta

Some tell us that praying, and also that praising

116 Union

Some think if they could riches gain

98 Dull Care

Teach me some melodious sonnet

135 Olney

312b Restoration

333 Family Circle

When Christ the Savior comes some morning fair

498 The Resurrection Day

Would light on some sweet promise there

73t Cusseta