Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

smile 14 occurrences, 9 verses, 14 songs

And smile at the tears I have shed.

571 Penitence

And smile away your tears

279 The Shepherd’s Flock

And while Thou shall smile upon me

370 Monroe

But labor is sweet if Jesus doth smile.

347 Christian’s Farewell

Hands clasp with friendly smile

340 Odem

Let gentle patience smile on pain

32b Distress

Smile when the slow tolling bell you shall hear

339 When I Am Gone

459 Tolling Bell

Then I can smile at Satan’s rage

36b Ninety-Fifth

43 Primrose Hill

114 Saint’s Delight

293 Akers

423 Grantville

Thou mayst smile at all thy foes.

148 Jefferson