Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

sight 16 occurrences, 11 verses, 16 songs

A country far from mortal sight

77t The Child of Grace

And gives the blind their sight.

391 Sounding Joy

As in Thy sight to live

502 A Charge to Keep

Be acceptable in Thy sight, Oh Lord

518 Heavenly Anthem

Lo, what a glorious sight appears

299 New Jerusalem

Steals my senses, shuts my sight?

245 Claremont

That rises to my sight!

51 My Home

65 Sweet Prospect

128 The Promised Land

433 McKay

439 Jordan

442 New Jordan

There all flesh is at once in the sight of the Lord

149 The Trumpet

Thou art a God before whose sight

173 Phoebus

To dwell forever in Thy sight?

316 New Hope

To triumph in His sight.

279 The Shepherd’s Flock