Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

shining 18 occurrences, 13 verses, 18 songs

Adorned with shining grace.

155 Northfield

299 New Jerusalem

Angels in shining order stand

196 Alabama

Bright shining as the sun

293 Akers

330t Horton

392 Manchester

462 Faith and Hope

By yonder shining star.

461 Shining Star

I see the shining habitants

438 The Marriage in the Skies

Many a shining hour is gone

108b The Traveler

Nor royal shining things

152 Shepherds Rejoice

306 Oxford

Shining, beauteous, and bright

175 Highlands of Heaven

The spangled heav’ns, a shining frame

468 Bristol

Thy shining grace can cheer

147t Boylston

When yonder shining orders

109 Carnsville

While we run the bright, shining way

116 Union

With gentle shining rays

301 Greenland