Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

saints 45 occurrences, 38 verses, 44 songs

And go where saints and angels dwell

134 The Christian’s Hope

And prayers of saints were sown.

573 Harpeth Valley

And saints arrayed in white

101b Holy City

And saints will rise to meet Him in the air.

498 The Resurrection Day

And the glorified saints and the martyrs are there

149 The Trumpet

And there with saints and angels join

568 I Want to Go to Heaven

And with the saints of old doth stand

420 Bishop

But gather first, my saints, the Judge commands

151 Symphony

But saints that taste Thy richer grace

313b Cobb

Come, saints and sinners, hear me tell

484 Heavenly Union

Grow weary of His saints?

178 Africa

How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord

72b Bellevue

How sweet to my soul is communion with saints

161 Sweet Home

Let all the saints terrest’rial sing

285t Arnold

Once I could joy the saints to meet

67 Columbus

Saints by the pow’r of God are kept

500 Living Hope

Saints shall share a glorious home

354b Happy Land

Shall join the disembodied saints

103 Animation

146 Hallelujah

That saints enjoy in heav’n.

283 Sabbath Morning

The land of rest, the saints’ delight

77t The Child of Grace

The saints all bid us come.

426t Kelley

The saints are going home

438 The Marriage in the Skies

The saints in full prosperity

170 Exhilaration

The saints that have gone up before us

338 Sawyer’s Exit

Thy saints are comforted, I know

287 Cambridge

Thy saints, Oh Lord, before Thy throne

28t Aylesbury

To feast His saints today

467 Lisbon

To plead for all His saints

171 Exhortation

173 Phoebus

To see the saints in glory

92 Burk

Trust Him ye saints in all your ways

26 Samaria

107 Russia

Tune, tune your harps ye saints on high

122 All Is Well

Twelve valiant saints, their hope they knew

123b Cross of Christ

Where saints immortal reign.

66 Jordan

289 Greensborough

303 Heavenly Land

392 Manchester

446 Infinite Day

Where saints in glory stand, bright, bright as day.

354b Happy Land

Where the saints robed in white

175 Highlands of Heaven

With saints of great renown

373 Homeward Bound

With such as saints in glory love

180 Vermont

Ye saints approach! the anguish view

163t Morning