Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

reign 27 occurrences, 14 verses, 22 songs

And reign with Him above

82t Bound For Canaan

85 The Morning Trumpet

106 Ecstasy

319 Religion Is a Fortune

410b Mutual Love

And then all shall with Jesus reign

94 Never Part

Christ, the Lord is come to reign.

144 Jubilee

For sov’reign pow’r reign not alone

26 Samaria

I hope I shall with Jesus reign

406 New Harmony

I know the reign of sin’s dark night

438 The Marriage in the Skies

Must death forever rage and reign?

547 Granville

Sure I must fight if I would reign

57 Christian Soldier

513 Joyful

That death should yield his ancient reign

562 Infinite Delight

The mighty hand of God doth reign

534 New Georgia

We’ll reign for aye.

354b Happy Land

When with Immanuel we reign

460 Sardis

Where saints immortal reign.

66 Jordan

289 Greensborough

303 Heavenly Land

392 Manchester

446 Infinite Day

Who doth live and reign for ever

144 Jubilee