Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

proclaim 16 occurrences, 12 verses, 16 songs

And loud proclaim His work

492 Invocation

And to the world proclaim His grace.

511 The Great Redeemer

Assist me to proclaim

88b Mount Zion

350 Nativity

395 New Bethel

Let heav’n and earth proclaim

485 New Agatite

Lutes of lucid gold proclaim

139 Elysian

Proclaim the close of day.

330t Horton

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

Still my cov’nant grace proclaim!

263 Doddridge

Their great Original proclaim.

468 Bristol

Throughout the world proclaim.

40 Lenox

Thy boundless goodness to proclaim.

316 New Hope

Thy pow’r and praise proclaim

313b Cobb

Ye flow’ry plains, proclaim His skill

538 Hampton