Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

pray 42 occurrences, 35 verses, 30 songs

And bound for each other to pray.

116 Union

And constantly to pray

98 Dull Care

And don’t forget to pray.

85 The Morning Trumpet

106 Ecstasy

129 Heavenly Armor

And love, and praise, and pray.

467 Lisbon

And so neglect to pray

141 Complainer

And with His children pray and talk

76b Desire For Piety

Arise and pray, we’ll win the day

90 Look Out

Brethren, pray and holy manna

59 Holy Manna

Cry Amen, pray on

76b Desire For Piety

Dear Lord, forgive my sins, I pray

531 Dura

From the bless’d retreat where I’ve chosen to pray.

100 The Bower of Prayer

Have mercy, Lord, for this I pray.

531 Dura

Heav’n’s blessings on your plans, we pray!

334 Oh Come Away

Help me watch and pray

502 A Charge to Keep

I pray remember me.

58 Pisgah

I trust you’ll pray both night and day

69t Minister’s Farewell

If we but strive and watch and pray

213t The Good Old Way

Let us love and pray for sinners

59 Holy Manna

Make haste to pray and praise

411 Morning Prayer

Nor let me fall, I pray.

96 Few Happy Matches

Oh watch, and fight, and pray

147b Laban

372 Rockport

Pray, brethren, pray, on God your spirit stay.

167 Pray, Brethren, Pray

Pray, brethren, pray, the prayer of faith availeth

167 Pray, Brethren, Pray

Pray do not weep for me

55 Sister’s Farewell

Pray, give to me your hand

157 Essay

Pray, Oh pray that holy manna

59 Holy Manna

Pray ye the Lord that my joys ye shall share

339 When I Am Gone

Shout on, pray on, we’re gaining ground

277 Antioch

Since we have met to sing and pray

62 Parting Hand

Sisters, pray, and holy manna

59 Holy Manna

That witnessed that God heard them pray

116 Union

Then, pilgrims dear, pray do not fear

201 Pilgrim

To sing, to hear, to preach and pray

60 Day of Worship

Will you pray with all your power

59 Holy Manna

Wilt thou still refuse to pray?

523 Pleyel’s Hymn