Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

only 16 occurrences, 14 verses, 15 songs

I’m only going over home.

457 Wayfaring Stranger

I’m only going over Jordan

457 Wayfaring Stranger

And pleasure only blooms to die.

32b Distress

And worship only Thee.

27 Bethel

Be Thou my only hiding place

96 Few Happy Matches

If aught is felt, ’tis only pain

287 Cambridge

If Thou, gracious Lord, will only be with me

179 The Christian Warfare

In and through God’s only Son.

144 Jubilee

Only Thou our leader be

405 The Marcellas

Our Father’s only Son

201 Pilgrim

The only bliss for which it pants

103 Animation

146 Hallelujah

The only circumstance of life

98 Dull Care

Where only Christ is heard to speak

328 Praise God

Will only make us richer there

64 Nashville

284 Garden Hymn