Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

oft 13 occurrences, 12 verses, 13 songs

And fiery serpents oft appear

121 Florence

Are oft in mercy sent:

113 The Prodigal Son

As oft, as often as we went.

466 Haynes Creek

But oh how oft Thy wrath appears

181 Exit

But though I have Him oft forgot

424 Sweet Union

How oft have I knelt on the evergreen there

100 The Bower of Prayer

How oft I’ve seen your flowing tears

62 Parting Hand

516 DeLong

Oft along the flow’ry vale.

450 Elder

Oft the autumn tempest rising

332 Sons of Sorrow

Redeemed us oft from death and dread

318 Present Joys

Though oft from Thy presence in sadness I roam

161 Sweet Home

Which oft have delighted my heart

123t The Dying Christian