Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

near 26 occurrences, 26 verses, 24 songs

And as that happy time draws near

373 Homeward Bound

And I am near my final home

482 Mulberry Grove

And I, perhaps, am near my home.

566 Hebron

And think how near it stands

440 North Salem

But to draw near to Thee, my God

187 Protection

Ever near the Christian’s side

510 Corley

Ever near Thine aid to lend

510 Corley

From near to Adam’s heart

115 Edmonds

Heav’n, earth and hell draw near, Let all things come

151 Symphony

I want to feel my Savior near

406 New Harmony

I want to feel that He is ever near

548 Wootten

Lo, Sinai’s God is near

35 Saints Bound For Heaven

My help forever near

187 Protection

My little children, near my heart

570 Farewell to All

Oh let me feel Thee near

131t Messiah

Sets thy path no refuge near.

108b The Traveler

Showing that the Lord is near.

148 Jefferson

The grave is near the cradle seen

266 Kingwood

The King Himself comes near

467 Lisbon

The night of death draws near

302 Logan

The night of death is near.

209 Evening Shade

The Savior dear is ever near

55 Sister’s Farewell

The seventh trumpet speaks Him near

274b Roll Jordan

Thy Great Provider still is near

429 Christian’s Delight

We feel the resurrection near

77t The Child of Grace

When friends I cherish most are near

75 I Would See Jesus