Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

music 12 occurrences, 10 verses, 12 songs

All the music of His name

139 Elysian

And sweeter than music His voice

82b Edgefield

127 Green Fields

Are the radiant bands of music!

225b Christmas Anthem

Hark! what sweet music, what a song

412 New Hosanna

It sounds like music to mine ear

471 The Savior’s Name

Let music charm me last on earth

312t Sing to Me of Heaven

No music so charming, no look is so warming

360 The Royal Band

Soft, soft music is stealing

323b Soft Music

Sweet music in Zion’s beginning to roll

424 Sweet Union

’Tis music in the sinner’s ears

88b Mount Zion

395 New Bethel