Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

left 17 occurrences, 17 verses, 14 songs

All our sorrows left below

131b Invocation

And has religion left the Church

89 The Church’s Desolation

And I am left alone with Thee.

95 Vernon

And none were left out.

507 Sermon on the Mount

And so I’m left behind

141 Complainer

But they have left an aching void

27 Bethel

Dear sister, thou art left alone

55 Sister’s Farewell

Dearest sister, thou hast left us

118 Stockwood

I’ve strayed! I’m left! I know not how

67 Columbus

He left His exalted abode

104 The Lovely Story

Jesus left His home on high

491 Oh, What Love

My tears have left mine eyes.

67 Columbus

On the left hand, where He doth work

67 Columbus

They have left my Savior, too

370 Monroe

This lesson she has left for you

37t Ester

What if my name should be left out

96 Few Happy Matches

While Thy love is left to me!

370 Monroe