Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

known 17 occurrences, 16 verses, 17 songs

All I’ve sought or hoped or known

370 Monroe

And ev’ry ev’ning shall make known

566 Hebron

And know as we are known.

381 Sing On

And let our joys be known:

31b Webster

481 Novakoski

And let your joys be known

52t Albion

And make His glories known.

196 Alabama

Far as Thy name is known

28t Aylesbury

Of love which in Jesus is made known to me.

360 The Royal Band

Oh, may our lips and lives make known

301 Greenland

Shall shortly be made known

445 Passing Away

Speak and let the worst be known?

448b The Grieved Soul

The dearest idol I have known

27 Bethel

Till thy crimes exact are known

263 Doddridge

To live where joys are ever known.

505 Where Ceaseless Ages Roll

To me ye no longer are known

123t The Dying Christian

Where parting will be known no more.

62 Parting Hand