Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

friend 32 occurrences, 21 verses, 29 songs

A friend and helper so divine

225t Reynolds

And I shall see my God and friend

134 The Christian’s Hope

368 Stony Point

Ashamed of Jesus, that dear Friend

32t Corinth

Awake, dear brother, sister, friend

367 Consolation

Behold the friend of men

416 The Christian’s Nightly Song

But Thou my Shepherd, Friend, and Guide

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

Come, dear friend, and don’t neglect it

144 Jubilee

Come, hear the counsel of a friend.

204 Mission

Ever present, truest friend

510 Corley

For Jesus is your Friend

85 The Morning Trumpet

106 Ecstasy

From Jesus, my best friend

109 Carnsville

He dies, the friend of sinners dies!

68t Salem

132 Sinner’s Friend

163t Morning

Is this vile world a friend to grace

57 Christian Soldier

309 Living Lamb

513 Joyful

Jesus is my Friend.

345t Jesus Is My Friend

Jesus, my Shepherd, Friend, and Guide

393 Alexander

Jesus, Thou art the sinner’s friend

58 Pisgah

Our friend, protector, strength and trust

110 Mount Vernon

Shed not a tear o’er your friend’s early bier

339 When I Am Gone

459 Tolling Bell

Then with my Savior, Brother, Friend

396 Notes Almost Divine

To be my Father and my Friend.

168 Cowper

Young people, hear me as your friend

399t The Dying Friend