Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

doth 18 occurrences, 18 verses, 18 songs

A little faith doth mighty deeds

207 Louisiana

And with the saints of old doth stand

420 Bishop

But labor is sweet if Jesus doth smile.

347 Christian’s Farewell

But when He doth again return

406 New Harmony

Doth all our guilt remove.

36t America

Doth my weak courage raise

225t Reynolds

Gently doth he chide my stay.

188 Spring

He in His mercy doth restore

558 Living Streams

He lives and doth within me dwell

277 Antioch

My Savior doth not yet appear

270 Confidence

My thirsty soul doth pine

230 Converting Grace

On the left hand, where He doth work

67 Columbus

The mighty hand of God doth reign

534 New Georgia

There’s not a cloud that doth arise

122 All Is Well

Triumphant doth arise

92 Burk

Who doth live and reign for ever

144 Jubilee

With such religion doth remain

89 The Church’s Desolation

You, who doth leave my mind distressed.

267 Parting Friends