Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

divine 29 occurrences, 27 verses, 27 songs

A friend and helper so divine

225t Reynolds

A hand divine shall lead you on

456 Sacred Mount

And full of love divine

328 Praise God

And help divine implore.

147b Laban

372 Rockport

And thaw, with rays of love divine

93 Frozen Heart

But we arise by grace divine

47t Primrose

He sheds the beams of light divine

32t Corinth

Heirs of immortal crowns divine

229 Irwinton

How changed, alas! are truths divine

354t Lebanon

I tremble, lest the wrath divine

48b Kedron

In notes almost divine.

396 Notes Almost Divine

John’s divine communion feel

76t Holiness

Lord, how divine Thy comforts are

463 Our Humble Faith

Love divine, all love excelling

30t Love Divine

Love so amazing, so divine

447 Wondrous Cross

Now thaw with rays of love divine

93 Frozen Heart

Of boundless pow’r and skill divine.

202 New Lebanon

Refreshing show’rs of grace divine

64 Nashville

284 Garden Hymn

Rivers of life divine I see

383 Eternal Day

Such love and meekness so divine

515 Federal Street

The Lord will happiness divine

287 Cambridge

Thy beauties are divine

503 Lloyd

Thy majesty divine?

230 Converting Grace

’Tis grace divine, all conquering free

432 Cheves

To His divine abode.

372 Rockport

When the favor divine

399b Happy Christian

With energy divine

33b Abbeville